Are you germs friendly family?

We do not live dirty, nor do my kids walk dirty all day long. Our house is relatively clean. Still, I do like to expose my kids to some friendly filth and I let them eat from the floor.

To the day I got to United States I had never heard about 5 seconds rule. Neither my kids will ever hear about it 🙂

What about you? 

22 thoughts on “Are you germs friendly family?

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  1. We are not germ free. i think it’s too hard and also not great for the kids. Hasn’t there been some research on this saying that our overly-sanitized kids have week immmune systems since they aren’t exposed to enough pathogens? Great video by the way!


  2. They say just to let kids be kids. We are to an extent. I never got a cart cover, or used massive amounts of hand sanitizer, but they do wash their hands.


    1. I’ve heard that hand sanitizer is pointless as the bacteria immune itself for the chemicals used in it, and after a few uses you simply don’t do anything to the germs but drying out your hands only.


  3. What a cute video. She’s great at being video taped. 😉
    And yes, I like to let my kids do the same. I’ve got an 8 yr old, a preschooler, and a toddler. Ain’t no way I’m picking up (and wasting food) after every one of them. And yep, so far, no diseases and no serious illness. And…we don’t have dog. Yet. 😀


    1. I am not very sure but I think my husband was the same way before he met me. I got those: “what the hell are you doing woman” looks from him after I picked up food our firstborn dropped and fed it to her.
      Now he picks the food himself and feed it to the kids 🙂


  4. We have a ‘eat it or starve’ rule…where ever there is food to be found…our boys will find it, and usually eat it. 😉


  5. Oh that was an adorable video. I fully understand about germs and the article you linked has many good valid points. My mom day cared for a Nurse one who was so germ conscious all the time and her kids were the sickest ones that my mom took care of. The 5 second rule is funny, if you’ve ever watched the show, Friends I believe that is where that got started.


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