Avocado Cucumber Spinach Smoothness

This smoothie was meant to be mine. Just mine. 

You know, these days I can’t eat in peace because whatever I take there are 3 drooling mouths (No.1, No.2, and the dog) watching me carefully with those begging eyes. 
No.1 is very particular about the color or texture of her food. So if there is something that looks or feels suspicious (like green food) she won’t even try it. 

That’s why this smoothie was meant to be mine. 

I made it… 
… and I barely ate a few spoons before the kids got to it.  

They just devoured it and were asking for more.

So here is the recipe to successfully sneaking some greens into your kids’ diet. 

avocado-cucumber-greek-yogurt-smoothie-mom-photographer (2 of 1)

1 cup greek yogurt (honey or vanilla flavored)

1 TBSP honey

1 medium soft avocado

1/2 English cucumber 

handful fresh baby spinach

1 tsp. coconut oil

avocado-cucumber-greek-yogurt-smoothie-mom-photographer (1 of 1)


Blend and Enjoy!

avocado-cucumber-greek-yogurt-smoothie-mom-photographer (14 of 1)

You might also like this green smoothie I made a long time ago. (click here for the recipe)

ewa samples, avocado-spinach-cucumber smoothie-7

So, Happy Blending my friends! 

15 responses to “Avocado Cucumber Spinach Smoothness”

  1. That sounds so healthy and refreshing! I will keep this in mind for the summer, most definitely – thank you for sharing! Sweet photos, as always. 🙂


    1. yes, the cucumber gives it really refreshing taste!


  2. Perfect! I love anything green!


    1. I wish my kids liked it, too! but that’s how it goes with kids. as parents we learn all kinds of tricks how to feed them with the healthy stuff…


  3. Love, love, love this! Pin now to try soon 😀 Thanks for sharing, Ewa.


    1. awesome!
      I am sure you’ll like it.
      If my older kiddo liked it, it means it is good 🙂


  4. This looks like an awesome recipe, I love avocado and the bright green color is cool.


    1. I love this color, too!!! So refreshing…


  5. I’m going to try this today! I finally have all the ingredients!! Happy Father’s Day to Jay from us!!


    1. Happy 1st Fathers Day to Matt!!!
      and let me know if you liked it or if you made some changes to it… I would love to know!
      warm hugs!!!


  6. […] by Mom Photographer and her smoothies, I used a lot of these cucumbers in her cucumber/avocado/spinach smoothie recipe—-which I throughly enjoyed. Thanks […]


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