Photo Art Friday, b-day girl and spiders

First of all…








This young lady origins from the grumpy kind (my blood).

Very recently she has learned to climb on mom’s bread machine.

She walks like a pro, but sometimes she still prefers to get on four – mostly when she has to keep up with her Big Sis.

She loves to blink at mom and dad. 

She wears sunglasses like a real star. 


And not like her sister, she eats almost anything


She makes a great bunny


and she loves to be her Big Sister’s partner-in-crime – or it’s the other way around… (probably).


This week’s theme for Photo Art Friday is “shadows and/or light”. I’ve missed last few weeks 😦
I dug out this picture from my archives:


and this one is from few days ago:


I finally finished my shawl, something I wanted to make for a long, long time, but always thought it is too complicated to make. 

And I must share with you those few shots of baby spiders we saw the last weekend. What an awfully great experience 😉 

23 responses to “Photo Art Friday, b-day girl and spiders”

  1. Happy Birthday daughter number two!
    Your pictures are lovely as always, loving that colour on you. I have some pictures of baby spiders too, I didn’t realise what they were at first and then they moved!! I’ll have a look for them.


  2. Happy Birthday to the little one.


  3. Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Where does the time go? Love the photo of her on the bread machine. hehehehe Too cute! Very cool spider shots!
    Miss you, my friend.


  4. Aww, Happy Birthday to your littlest one…she’s so precious! The spiders? Not so much…lol. 🙂 The dew on the grass is gorgeous…and I love that shawl! I keep wanting to learn how to crochet, but I haven’t yet…it looks much easier than knitting (which totally confuses me).


  5. Yes, pretty pictures, the colors of spring. I like the last one with the spiderweb!


  6. cannot believe how much #2 has grown … a sweetie!
    and your intrepretation for PAF is fabulous!


  7. Lovely post and that grass macro is amazing 🙂


  8. You are a mommy multitasker…for sure! Very sweet photos…


  9. oh my good ness! It seems impossible that your “new” baby” is one!! Seems as if you just had her! Love the baby spiders… reminds me of Charlottes Webb! Great shots and your new shawl is nearly as cute as the lens bug!


  10. Lovely photography ~ happy birthday to the little one and your shawl is beautiful ^_^


  11. Laura Bloomsbury Avatar
    Laura Bloomsbury

    the shawl is as beautiful as the web but your little spiders are not so contained. Lovely shots of a happy day – especially the one with sunglasses 🙂


  12. I remember when she was born. 🙂 Hug the children for me.


  13. Happy Birthday to the little one, she is such a cutie. I LOVE the pic of her wearing the sunglasses. As for the shawl, it is beautiful. I can’t knit or sew so I am very envious of those that can, you did a really great job.



  14. Happy Birthday number two! They grow up so fast, and then they get all sassy on ya. Hopefully your number two will let you cuddle her for a bit before she gets too sassy, because mine is starting to fight it, and I’m not ready for that yet!


  15. Happy Birthday to your little girl. She is so cut. And your photos are lovely. Ha de gott.


  16. excellent and a deliciously deLIGHT full post with so much LIGHT and laughter. I see you in your girls or mayBE I should say YOU in them. Happiest #1 to No. 2 and I love her in the sunglasses. that’s a treasure. the smile alone makes me laugh!!
    BEautimous shawl!!
    good to see you here. please let’s keep in touch, okay?!


  17. Gorgeous photos of your children! Love the color of the shawl, it matches the flowers! 🙂


  18. Well a happy birthday to your sweet No. 2 – She’s so adorable.
    Your scarf is gorgeous and those baby spiders were awesome to see.


  19. All adorable, including Mom!


  20. Thank you for wonderful smiles, wwll worn sunglasses and spiders.
    Best whises. 🙂


  21. Beautiful light indeed – in all varieties! 😉


  22. I have to say, when I saw the word “spiders” I wasn’t sure if I should look (lol), but what a delight it is to see your little ones!


  23. Beautiful pictures and beautiful models


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