Photo Art Friday – Portrait

Good Morning from my dark (in light, not mood – thanks god) and quiet corner, 

This week’s theme for PAF is “portrait”.

Well, I’ve got many of those! 😉
Every single day there is a new portrait. 
Every single trip to a park – new portrait(s). 

So I had a lot to choose from. 

No.2 is a very moody girl. She can change her state of being from very, very grumpy to very, very happy within 5 seconds. And she just switches from one to another all day long (just like her mamma, by the way!). 








No. 1 LOVES balloons. 

This girl doesn’t need a lot to be happy but balloons made her exalted. 


I’m in process of 3 projects.

2 sewing project (one already done) and 1 crochet project.

I’m actually stuck as I do not have the materials to finish the second sewing project and the crochet one, well, there is more unraveling that crocheting now, so I am very discouraged.



we’ve got a little piglet growing here. 
Nothing like her Big Sister who after her very picky father is a picky eater herself, No.2 eats almost ANY DARN THING! 


and a few latest shots of her:



I had many more PORTRAITS to share but I don’t want you all to get bored with all the kids stuff, and I need to start the day myself, as the magic word (or two): IN-LAWS!!! is/are circling around our home like a fly… 

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend

29 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday – Portrait

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  1. I do love the pictures and the “Neah face” is familiar and remind me of my granddaughter a year ago.
    Have a wonderful weekend an i hope you’ll find a matchin material fro your sewing project. 🙂


    1. thank you!

      as for the sewing project – it needs MANY details and MANY trips to the store as with every sitting there is something new I need and haven’t bought, and it’s been a few weeks like that… ugh…
      I always take on projects that are too challenging in spots!


  2. Nice to have live-in subjects for portraits! Love them all but the last one is darling! Good luck with the in-laws. 🙂


  3. Oh gosh these are just darling. No. 2’s Hmmmm face is so funny and cute.
    No. 1 looks adorable with those Balloons. – In fact your kids are totally adorable as can be.
    Love the pretty spring blooms on your blog too.


  4. Oh these are fabulous, your captions add to the fun and the one through your sewing machine is wonderful.. I was looking through my box of half finished projects this morning! Hoping your weekend is going OK.


  5. So beautiful, Ewa! And I can see that yhou have a deep well to draw from, portrait-wise 🙂
    I love the first series, with its very distinctively different faces, and the shot of your girl with the baloons – there’s just something about that one that really sort of jumps out and grabs me… fantastic!


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