Photo Art Friday on Thursday, and ALL my kids (minus No.4 – the husband)

I’ll try to make this post very short today.
Simply because No.1 just went down for her nap and I am able to become a couch potato for an hour or two.

Starting with my submission for Photo Art Friday:

because Bath-Time-Fun is not for kids ONLY

Following with some shots or my darlings who drive me crazy lately.


Finishing with No.3 (I call her My Special Needs Child  – the one with ADHD).
A few week ago she had a professional photo session with Black Newf Photography (click the link for some awesome shots).
This dog is a separate topic I am getting ready to write about (but not yet). I am waiting for the right mood to do so. Believe me or not, it is a hard topic for me to talk about. Not having two very young children but this dog is the main reason I get up at 6:30/7 am every morning. She is the cause of my weight going down. While those two are relatively good things the third one is not -she is the main reason of my new grey hair, a lot of them!

But I don’t want to go that road today…


Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!

31 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday on Thursday, and ALL my kids (minus No.4 – the husband)

Add yours

  1. I love your feet in the tub … I can slip right back into many, many years ago when bath time was joyous and the splashing and wigling of toes was momentious. Beautifully captured idea …

    I also am loving your pictures of family and pup … you are surely very talented both in skill and in perception. Enjoyed my visit …

    Andrea @ From The Sol


  2. Yes- I am imagining when you post about the dog. I love dogs, HAD to have one. So when my daughter was two and I was pregnant with my son we got a dog. The reasoning was I wanted the dog to be house trained by the time the baby was born. Sometimes I think having children makes a brain into jello. We got a puppy in February.! What were we thinking?

    Glad you had time for a bath (nice toes). The dog looks high energy. xoxo teri


  3. Love those toes! What a great image. I’ll look forward to hearing about the adorable dog and why she’s causing you to go grey! She really is beautiful and I love the professional shots you had done of her!


  4. What fun digital art here. Who said fun is only for kids! By the way, your kids are so cute… always love seeing shots of them. Also the photos of your dog are adorable. Are the puppy tricks getting to you?


    1. that you, Jeanne!
      I can’t wait for the moment when she is passed the stage of being a puppy, using our house as a toilet and being so hyperactive. I can’t even let her play with the kids because she knocks them over. No.2 is very afraid of her because of that.


    1. Arline, you can only imagine how bad I miss her and how many times I was ready to get in the car and drive to get her. We saw her on Christmas and I cried like a baby when I saw her!

      Can’t wait to see her again.


  5. Oh I totally get the dog thing. I lost a ton of weight when we got the dog and that was a truly fabulous thing but the rest of it was just a bloody nightmare and going out for a whole day or even night was just not possible unless we could take her with us. She was worse than a baby. She lives with my ex now. I have out on a bit of weight since she has gone, nothing major though and instead I do Zumba… and although she was a sweet thing, I don’t miss her one little bit.


    Ps… I would never have another dog, as lovely as they are…. just no, not for me.


    1. Molly, I am torn because for this dog we had to leave “the best dog there is walking on Earth” with my in-laws… and I hate it. Sometimes I am mad at myself that I let that to happen, can’t wait to get her back!


  6. Fun is for very old kids too 🙂
    Tank you for a flashback when my kids were small 🙂
    Have a nice evening and weekend 🙂


  7. Fab photos and what a great piece of photo art. Proves my little belief that art does not always have to be beautiful. SO creative, Ewa!!!


  8. your PAF piece is really wonderful~!~different and eye catching. i think it’s a good image when the viewer feels the need to study and think when they look at it.
    well done~!

    your kids are as adoreable as always and whoever is taking photos of that beautiful dog is doing a very good job~!!~ love the perspective in the shots and the light is nice too.



  9. what a lot of spring in Maggie – made me feel almost young again and no wonder she is so good for you!! Bathtime in your house looks like fun 😉


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