Dance and Play like nothing else matters

So far, I am very lucky when it comes to taking pictures of my kids.

Sometimes No.1 gets tired of it but for the most of the time she is VERY cooperative.

I just need to say: “smile!”

and if there is music playing, well… then I have the perfect situation:


 Photo Art Friday

I tried to make this picture more “vintage” for Photo Art Friday theme (vintage) but all the textures and things I’ve tried beyond this point looked awful.

Taking an advantage of one day without a headache, yesterday I went with the kids to the park and later that day I put together this cute movie (my new hobby – making movies)

Today, I’m back to normal, what means the headache is back and I feel like I want to shoot myself in the head to stop it!

Hope you all are feeling way better than I am!

warm hugs from my corner!

23 thoughts on “Dance and Play like nothing else matters

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  1. oh this is wonderful!! I am sorry you have a headache making repeat appearances, and I hope YOUR day improves as your sharing this improved MINE!! love how No 2 is venturing out and No 1 is so photogenic!! xoxo


    1. thank you, Currie!
      I feel better after a few pills taken…

      and yes, No.1 is very photogenic, and No.2 is getting more and more independend what makes her momma less and less glued to her (or her glued to her momma).


  2. Your daughter is adorable! Such joy on her face!
    Headaches….ech. I’ve had them most of my life and actually have one today, too. The wind is the trigger right now!
    Feel better….I sympathize.


  3. Baby come on! great images. I have trouble grasping the vintage craze some days. I had trouble going real vintage on my image as well. I guess part of it is I am old enough to be vintage myself and most of what I see as “vintage” is grungy images of things that are not old yet. SO I was glad to see your daughter looking like herself. Hope that headache stays away!


  4. Great minds think alike…we both featured dance for our Photo Art Friday. 🙂 Your video is adorable…in another year, No.1 will be saying, “Get away, baby!” lol

    I hope your headache is gone…sending you well wishes!


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