Photo Art Friday, Minimalism NOT and stuff

This is my attempt to this weeks theme for Photo Art Friday: “Minimalist” 


yes, it is a Facebook comment. One of many of the same or bigger length (longer length, should I say…hmm?). 

It is not from my wall, it’s a shot of my husband’s computer screen. The discussions he gets into turn into an obsessive arguments for most of the time. They are mostly about gay rights, religion, gun control and Obama. When he sees an opportunity to get into an argument with somebody on his Facebook he takes the chance 9.5 times of 10… and then I have to listen all about it… even worse, he makes me read it!!! imagine! 

So, there is NO minimalist here… 

Changing topic. 

If you remember my last week frustration with my computer… well… I got around it (not completely but at lest to the point where it is not driving me completely insane), and have been very busy with making short movies. They suck, but gosh I had so much fun making them. 

They are just a few minutes long so feel free to watch them. 

The first movie I made, it’s the one I was complaining about in last post. My husband says, he has never enjoyed “coffee” as much as while watching this movie 🙂  

The second one, I think is better, but youtube converted it into a crazy looking movie. 

The last one is from our time at the park from a few days ago. The quality is very bad because youtube changed something. After I uploaded it I got a message that they detected the movie might be to shaky (or something like that) and asked me if I want them to fix it. I clicked yes, and the outcome is horrible. So just in case, NEVER USE THIS OPTION ON YOUTUBE. 🙂

and just want to let you know, I have started putting together tutorial for taking self-portraits. I thought I will have it done by now but, as usual, life happened…, but in a good way. 

I hope for more “life happened”s  like that, you know 🙂 

So in this optimistic, not very minimalistic post, I wish you all happy Friday extended to happy Saturday and Sunday… 😉

17 responses to “Photo Art Friday, Minimalism NOT and stuff”

  1. Happy Friday! Cannot resist toilet paper rolls, or sticks for that matter 🙂


  2. Love your minimalist image of on-line scenarios that sound very complicated. So now you are branching out into video! Nice to have so many talents to explore.


  3. Soooo precious the older one helping the younger wash her hair and in the swing and the little one with the spoon and the twig. I enjoyed them all but my favorite part was, “Mom, I need help. Mom, mom, mom, mom.” ;D
    Augh! I still haven’t written back that email!! So darn busy. Soon! Lovin’ your posts!


  4. Fun videos! I try to steer clear of the Facebook posts that incite impassioned comments on religion, gay rights, gun control, etc. Too easy to ruin your mood.


  5. oh my goodness Ewa!! these are spectacular!! I love the 3rd one especially much as it was so like your self-portraits but more seeing through your eyes. the shots in the swings and on the tire thing are classic and wonderful and truly just the sort of way I would imagine you seeing something. I realise the learning curve is feeling like it’s in your way, but you are destined for truly grand and glorious things!!! love love love what you’re up to.


  6. The bath time movie is really sweet!


  7. All the videos are really cute! I don’t like Facebook because it gets so argumentative and boring. I deactivated my Facebook account last year, and don’t miss it all. Great shot of the Facebook page, makes a statement! 🙂


  8. Fun times with the videos. The park one is so adorable.
    Facebook and Miniamilism….hmmmm is there such a thing?


  9. Oh my the Facebook usage sounds like fun and games!



  10. You’re very creative. Interesting post.


  11. Love the editing of the fb shot, and it’s an interesting take on minimalism!


  12. loved seeing your videos~!
    your minimalist facebook shot for PAF does seem to be a minimalist photo shot and of something that you would like to minimize . . . so perfect.
    i’m looking forward to your self portraits tutorial.

    :- )


  13. Great idea your Fb page!


  14. You started with the word minimalism and ended up with an image anyway! Maybe you could have another pic of his page deleted:)


  15. I love your minimalist image -very creative.


  16. One has to admire his passion for the topics that are buzzing these days- funny that he makes you read it though


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