A little bit of this and a little bit of that…

… so as my 365 Project came to an end I faced a decision what to do with this blog. Before this project there was a lot of cooking and baking in here but that won’t be the main topic here as I do not cook or bake like crazy anymore. 
From now on it probably will be an every-day-life photography blog with a new recipe now and then, and as you will see in this post, self-portraits are going to appear as well. 

mom photographer, self-portrait

I plan to participate in Photo Art Friday, that’s for sure. Digital art is not my niche but now when I’m not stressed about 365 Project I have more time to play with my pictures and exercise my imagination. This week theme, for example is: “entrance or exits“, and here is my attempt to it. 

mom photographer, entrance

I know I was saying about preparing some kind of series of post with self-portraits tutoring but as for now I don’t know where to start from and what to consider as important. So as for now I’ll just keep taking them and meantime, free of the stress and pressure of having to take a self-portrait each day, I will write down some advice how to take self-portraits (with examples of an actual picture).

mom photographer, self-portrait,at the park

Good news from this week: I finally received my business cards. I am not very happy with them but they will do for now.

mom photographer, business cards

And I could not write a post without a few shots of my precious NOT angels:

mom photographer, sisters playing

Many of you know how I used to complain that our No.1 has no interest in playing or sharing with her younger sister. So these days they’re becoming more like partners in crime.

mom photographer, self-portrait, watching creativeLIVE

I’m trying to self-educate these days. Being honest with you: from the day I decided to go pro with the photography business (two months ago) I have learned way more then during the last few years. I do watch online workshops, read tremendous amount of posts about photographing kids and working with families, tips and hints, and I crochet more in order to have more props for newborn sessions. 

Today I had spent my day watching creativeLIVE workshop “Lightroom Mastery with Ben Willmore”. Gosh… my brain is about to explode. This workshop is free if you watch it LIVE… so, all day today I had struggled to remember things and make some notes while handling the kids… Tomorrow is going to be the same, and on Saturday. ugh…. 

ok, last thing… sneak peek from my latest session:

mom photographer, siblings photo session

warm hugs my friends


22 thoughts on “A little bit of this and a little bit of that…

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  1. Great shots of your kids , and i love their hats! Did you knit them?? So cute! and what a good shot of you with the kids in the swings. Am I assuming that you set those up with a tripod?? will enjoy seeing some of your instructions on portrait taking, and would say that you have had plenty of experience in this past year with this! Have a great week!


  2. You know what I enjoy the most about your blog…How “normal” it is. Don’t laugh. You capture the everyday moments of your life so perfectly and in such a way that it draws people in. Love your PAF piece and also the ones of the kids playing in the kitchen.


  3. Great photo for PAF and your kids are adorable. I agree with Ida that your shots are a great reflection of your life and the routine things that we all do. Some day your kids will thank you.


  4. I think you chose the right think to do, and the pictures from your last shoot are just adorable! It seems like the right thing for you to do! Lots of Love! Maria


  5. So glad to find you still clicking away. I was going to ask you, do you have your camera always on it’s tripod when you around the house, just in case a moment appears?



  6. you’ve got the hang of the PAF photoart right away! do love the playground scenes and glad to hear sibling rivalry is turning into a naughty bond!


  7. Love the reflective illusions of your image for PAF, Ewa. You have so much talent and experience to share. I know you will find your niche.


  8. I’ve watched a number of on-line videos re aperture, lightroom, etc. It’s hard to find the time to watch them, take photos, edit photos and create art too – never enough time in my day and I don’t have little ones wanting my attention too. I don’t know how you do it!


  9. you are always teaching far more than you might realise. I have learned from you to consider the perspective and to BE aware of OTHER perspectives. it is NOT in a lesson it is from paying attention to my eyes and the way your photographs take them on magic carpet rides.

    awesome collection here!!!


  10. If there’s one thing I’m absolutely sure of, it’s that your photography business will be a success. Your photos speak for themselves, and your realness and honesty make you so relatable. I’m so glad to see you participating in Photo Art Friday – I love your entrance/exit photo! I also love your photos of you “NOT angels”…lol. Have a great weekend! 🙂


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