365 Self-Portrait Project (THE END)

Yes, Yes, Yes! 

This is my last post for the 365 Self Portrait Project. 

It was great. It was good. I had ups and I had downs. 

Since I started it I wrote a few essays about this project for:

World Moms Blog: “(Self)Portrait of a Mother(hood)“, and for BonBon Break.

First post for BonBon Break: “Portraits of a Mother” earned me position of Top 5 posts of 2012 which I am really proud of. 

The second one: “ 365 Self-Portrait Project: a Life – changing Resolution is a great summary of what this project means to me and how it changed me, at some point. 

I do want to say: THANK YOU to all of you who have been coming back each Friday and leaving me all the great and encouraging comments!!! If not for you I am not sure if I would have finished it. 


Those last pictures I wanted to be more creative, better, more meaningful… at least to present my thoughts more clearly, but then, as many times before, life happened and I was in a rush or it got too dark, or simply I was not in a mood. 


Simply Us. 

We were trying to take some romantic photographs for my Valentine’s Day ad for the business, and this is the best shot we ended up with. 

I’ll tell you something: It is darn hard to get romantic with two small kids around. This picture was taken while both our kids were screaming they heads off just because they had to stay on the floor ABANDONED (how dare we!!!) for about 10 minutes.  

mom photographer, self-portrait 364


Simply me. 

This project was a bit like getting naked in front of many people. Showing my personal life, day by day, writing about ups and downs, being in my pajamas and without make-up, etc… even though, I have managed to keep most of the drama and all the details of my private life behind the curtains 🙂

So, naked, but not really 🙂

mom photographer, self-portrait 365


2012 was a leap year so it was 366 days, that’s why I decided to take one more picture.

mom photographer, self-portrait-366a

I mean, two last pictures:

mom photographer, self-portrait 366

both pictures have latest Bonnie’s texture “Brown Rice Paper” in them. 

The very last picture had one more layer added to it and it’s this picture:

ewa samples, textures

For all of you who want to: feel free to download it. For the full resolution picture you need to click on it (it must open in a separate window), then click on it again and drag it onto your desktop.  

Once again, thank you all for being here with me and for me! 

Hope to see you around!!! 

Photo Art Friday

75 thoughts on “365 Self-Portrait Project (THE END)

Add yours

  1. What an accomplishment! You must be very proud. Love the addition of the textures to “the end” image. Thank you for the texture!!!


  2. You did a fantastic job with your project – its amazing how our lives are so intertwined, yet motherhood surpasses everything. I will be taking your advice and will be trying the once a week self portrait and at least 2-3 kids pictures a week. I will be using instagram as its easier to create a blurb book. My 3 year old took a few pictures of mommy with my camera and it looks fantastic – as long as one of us takes good pictures =) lol.


    1. Hi Ania!

      it was a great journey, and it was great to be able to share it with all of you. It is wonderful to hear so many women saying that this project inspired them, and that since seeing it/reading about it they have changed their attitude towards being in the picture. Those are the best comments EVER!!!

      You really don’t have to be a great photographer or to have an amazing knowledge about photography to take good self-portraits. Just keep it simple and have fun. It’s like me and sewing. I suck in sewing but I like it, so I sew sometimes, because why not 😉
      As long as I like it, and have pleasure in doing it!!!


  3. I just want to say again how inspiring you have been…I can’t tell you how much I’m going to miss these and your commentaries! You ARE still going to share things with us on Fridays, right?

    Congratulations on completing a superb 365 day project, Love the photo of you and your hubby and the “The End” with your hand on the gate!! xo


  4. It was a a major undertaking but your results were fantastic. I enjoyed the journey as it unfolded. Love the use of Bonnie’s texture and the water ripples you added were great.
    Can’t wait to see what you come up with now.


    1. Ida, what I want now is to put the camera down and do not touch it for a month 😉
      Just kidding. I actually came to like taking self-portraits more than I ever expected, so I probably will keep posting some now and then….
      Thank you for going along this journey!!!


  5. Hello Ewa,
    Congratulations on completing the 365-self-portrait-project! A whole year caught in pictures and words, shared your emotions, your ups and downs and important events. And so creatively displayed! You can rightly be proud of this!


  6. I take a lot of self portrait images anyway but I think next year I shall extend that to one a day for the 365 project. It will be interesting to see where it takes me and what different views of everyday life I capture. Well done with your project, it has been a wonderful discovery and I have loved coming back here every week and seeing what you have done.



  7. Beautiful photographs. I love the first one of you and your husband. Such a sweet moment captured. Found you through Bloggy Moms.


  8. I look forward to whatever you DO next, and it has been a great JOY getting to know you through your amazing project!!

    As I am discovering having completed my 366 Daze of Grace blog, finishing has its up and down, too. My hope is to make it into a perpetual calendar that can stand up on a desk or table. I have tried to find the doorway to DOing that but find I need some more time just to decompress and adjust to NOT DOing it each morning.

    Creating a practise, such as yours, seeps into every single day. I think these photos with your husband are lovely and I loved your description of No.1 and No. 2 screeching as you two look so soft and relaxed.

    You are amazing!!


    1. Currie, as much as I liked this project I don’t think I could continue it for another year straight. It’s just too much of a hassle. I wouldn’t mind to do it again next year, though. This year I want to take a break.
      thank you bunches for being here!!!


  9. YEAY!!! So impressive. I am laughing knowing those photos of you and your husband were taken with your kids having fits on the floor. Great use of Bonnie’s texture. Sorry I have been MIA lately. Just a lot going on. Wishing you all the best on you photo ventures! Happy New Year. xoxo teri


  10. I am so used to hearing from you, I hope you’ll keep blogging! Do you have another one that I can subscribe to, or are you sticking to this one? Best of the New Year to you and your family!


    1. my plan is to relax, Emily!!!
      But seriously I am working on a small project that contains a several posts that are more like “behind the scenes” of taking self-portraits.
      I do not use remote and very rarely a tripod to take selfies so I’d like to focus on that, and show people how you can take good self-portraits without having those two.


  11. I’ve so enjoyed your self portraits. They have been creative, unique and a joy! I’m waiting impatiently for your advice and input on selfies. I am just starting to take m own and could use your expertise!!


  12. Congratulations on ‘Top5’ on your wonderful project, your inspiring posts and most of all for finishing! I have loved visiting you and am thrilled to read that you will continue to blog.


  13. Your photos were always so incredibly real – I enjoyed each and every one I was able to see of your 365 project. I look forward to seeing many more – you have such a gift. Congrats on completing a year of photos! 🙂


  14. The Valentine’s day shots were really good, but personally I like the laughing one best; it feels more spontaneous to me – but that’s just my opinion!
    Adore the final final shot, too, with the hand on the gate… subtly expressive! And thanks for the idea with the rings-on-water, that’s inspirational 🙂


    1. thank you Anna!
      the last picture is an essence of this entire project.
      As always I had a slightly different idea for it. I saw it in my head but I was putting it away for too long and all the sudden it started to rain outside and with each minute it was getting darker and darker and I couldn’t do what I was planning…
      Most of my self-portraits were taken the same way!!!


  15. This is the first time for me to visit your site. What a talent you have! I’m going to have to go back through and see the whole year. What a fun project and what a great way to put yourself out there!


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