365 Self-Portrait Project (week 50th)

I promised to myself that the last few weeks of this project I’m going to take the most creative pictures EVER. Yeah, right. This week’s series is terribly ordinary. Hopefully our road trip brings new and fresh inspiration. 



Feet time 😉

mom photographer, self-portrait 344



Believe me or not, it’s me.

mom photographer, self-portrait 345a



Me and my eye(s)

mom photographer, self-portrait 346



We had a sick baby on board this past week. Nothing very serious, but being very clingy in general, being sick made her even more glued to her momma.

mom photographer, self-portrait 347



Not very proud of this picture. After almost a year of taking self-portraits I should be better than shots like this one. Arm’s length? with no twist to it, with no fish lips, with these tired eyes of mine, with no texture. Nothing! Shame on me! Seriously!

mom photographer, self-portrait 348



I finally set up skype on the computer I’m using now. 

mom photographer, self-portrait 349a



Just laying on the grass time.

mom photographer, self-portrait 350

The idea of today’s picture has not entered the smallest brain cell of mine, yet. There is too much laundry to do, to think about anything else. 

If I am not around, I do want to wish to all of you Warm and Happy Holidays! 


19 responses to “365 Self-Portrait Project (week 50th)”

  1. I just looked back through all the images your posts since the last time I was here. You really are damn good you know. Self portrait work is a real artful in my opinion and many people struggle with it but you have such a great eye for it. You inspire me and make me want to try harder.

    Do you have your tripod always set up ready?

    I love the image above of the little one looking over your shoulder at the camera. Truly great image.



    1. Molly, thank you so much!!!
      Tripod is a rare thing at my home. Really. All I use is a chair, or a table or kitchen counter… whatever I can find around me. It’s faster and that way I do not loose “the mood” of the particular situation.


  2. I love all your selfies! Thanks for stopping by the blog, and have yourself the best holiday you can!


    1. Thank you so much! And have a good one yourself!


  3. Love the photos of your ponytail & the 1 in the grass too. Glad the baby is feeling better. My daughter is just getting over the stomach flu. Not fun.


    1. thank you! sick baby is not fun. not at all. warm hugs to your Little One.


  4. Happy Holidays to you! I hope to do a 365, I don’t think I could do a self portrait series, but I’m trying to come up with something. My babes was a little sickie too…stinks when they are extra clingy when they are clingy to begin with.


    1. yep, it stinks. although it has gotten way better than it used to be.
      As for the 365 project, just do “whatever” theme 🙂


  5. I love the last one with you and your baby in the grass!!


  6. You and your eye photo is very creative!


    1. thank you! I just found this old picture of my eye and immediately had an idea how to use it!


  7. love the one of your double eyes! thanks for the visit and a lovely weekend to you.


  8. I also think your eye [picture is very creative, I love it! Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy 2013 🙂


    1. Ruth,
      I bope you had a wonderful Christmas yourself and thank you!


  9. I love that last one. What a great way to spend a few quiet moments.


    1. isn’t it… just a fem minutes but they always make a difference!


  10. I love the headband and matching hat. I take it you made those. And you’re so hard on yourself. Nothing wrong with an occasional selfie at arm’s length. It’s such a good picture of you!!


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