365 Self-Portrait Project (week 49th)

One more week behind. It’s getting closer, and closer to the end of this project. Sometimes I can’t wait… sometimes I’m sad about it.


Last Friday:

mom photographer, self-portrait 337365/338

I definitely need a haircut!!!

mom photographer, self-portrait 339

On Saturday I had a newborn/family session. I got very lucky to be able to photograph such a beautiful family:

newborn session, mountain view 365/339

On Sunday I spent most of my day processing the newborn photos but first COFFEE,

mom photographer, self-portrait 338 with bananana (as No.1 says it) pancakes

mom photographer, self-portrait 338a 365/340

Monday was park day.

mom photographer, self-portrait 340 The weather was gorgeous. mom photographer, gorgeous fall weather

At some point I and No.2 got tired and while this picture is not really the best, it tells the real story of a mother trying to relax. I bet many of you know the plot.

The sun is shining on my face and warms up my entire body. My Little Darling just dozed off while eating. I feel like my eye are getting heavier as well. It is nice, relaxing, comfortable. I wish, I was laying in a hammock right now, but in this circumstances I am happy that the playground is empty, just us. It is quite, peaceful. I closed my eyes…

– MOOOOM!!! MORE WATER, please!!!

Gosh… it felt so good for a few second… but not anymore.

mom photographer, self-portrait 340a


The next day was a park day, too. The weather is too beautiful to sit at the house. We walked to the park and hereΒ is the entire walk captured.

mom photographer, self-portrait 341a

Speaking of motherhood captured. Here is one more example:

mom photographer, self-portrait 341

This wasn’t the hardest hit I’ve received from her… but it got me by surprise, that’s for sure.


This picture is called: “I’m going to shoot myself” πŸ˜‰

On Wednesday I received a package from Poland and it had my old, old, old, analog camera. The one that I love so much.

At the same time, I know that it needs some repairs and general inspection, and that will costs some money. The conclusion is: I am happy and frustrated at the same time. I have my cameras but to be able to fully enjoy them I will have to wait, and that is KILLING ME even more than not having those cameras with me!

mom photographer, self-portrait 342


Today’s shot was a small practice for Saturday family photo session. Love the light on my Little Ones face!

If the weather stays as gorgeous as the last several days I am not planning to be shooting indoors on Saturday, that’s for sure!

mom photographer, self-portrait 343

So, I think that would be it for today.

Hope you guys are staying warm and happy!

embrace the cameraBlack and White Wednesday

22 thoughts on “365 Self-Portrait Project (week 49th)

Add yours

  1. your newborn/family session shots are so very sweet~!!~great work~!
    and that last photo is lovely too.

    i did a 365 day project a few years ago and although it wasn’t self portraits, it was quite a commitment and i was very pleased at the end of the year to have managed a shot for nearly every single day as well as to be finished. i’ve thought about doing it again but i have so many other irons in the fire that i don’t think the timing is right.
    congrats to you for not only being nearly finished but also for doing such a good job. you have produced a year full of emotionally sweet and beautifuly done work.



  2. i’ve been scrolling through several posts and love your work. i love how candid your self portraits are, and none (NONE) of them are ‘ordinary’. πŸ™‚ especially when they capture a moment in your life… like the one in the car and your daughter is seen over your shoulder. tells a great story. perfect.

    thanks for linking at 1440… hope you will continue on–your photos are always so different and add so much to our little party. πŸ™‚

    also, happy holidays to you, too!


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