365 Self-Portrait Project (week 48th)

We had lots of rain this week. And it got cold.

But today the sun came out and it’s the sunny Fall again.

mom photographer, fall leaves

I did have a photo session yesterday, and it went good, I would say. The funny thing is that the director of this entire session wasn’t me, but the boy I was photographing. He wanted to jump there, swing here, slide like that or run like this… while his sister was on the very shy side. More pictures here.

mom photographer, kids mini-session

Everything while my husband was baby sitting our kids:

mom photographer, kids on the swing

Lets get to self portraits, though. 


Like I didn’t post enough of those pictures last week, here you have one more. Following me, every step I take, baby. She  is much more happy since she got more mobile. Now she can crawl to any place she want to and that makes a tremendous difference in her behavior, and that makes her momma very, very happy, as well.  

mom photographer, self-portrait 330a


Now, I have no idea where we were going that day but we were going somewhere and while packing kids to the car I snapped this picture. 

mom photographer, self-portrait 331


On Sunday No.1 handed to me a coupon asking me to take a picture of Micky Mouse

mom photographer, self-portrait 332


Shower time… or after shower time. I don’t remember. It looks like I do not remember many things these days. 

mom photographer, self-portrait 333


Play time 

mom photographer, self-portrait 334


So, I had this idea for the photo shoot I had this week. I was planning to make a garland which I did make but it came out terrible. The bright side of it is that I had practiced my sewing, and I have to admit – I am getting better…  

mom photographer, self-portrait 335


Yesterday, tired after the photo shoot and all evening editing, I just didn’t feel like I want to take a single photo, but I had to so I snapped what I call “whatever”. To make it more interesting I just merged 3 pictures into one. Don’t think that by doing so I made it more interesting, but at least I tried 😉 right?

mom photographer, self-portrait 336

I hope you guys are having a great week and wishing you a nice and warm weekend. I’m having a newborn photo session tomorrow, so I better get back to writing my ideas down and browsing the wonderful Pinterest!

btw, I do have a new Facebook Page for my professional photography, you can head over and “like” it, or not… no pressure 🙂

Mommy-and-Me-Monday-Button-125Kleinworth &Co

21 responses to “365 Self-Portrait Project (week 48th)”

  1. I love that reflection photo! Yah, my guy is now mobile and it’s a good/bad thing, whether I’m ready or not, it’s happening! Have a great weekend! Good luck with your newborn session!


  2. Such beautiful photos! Thanks so much for stopping by my place and saying hello. I really appreciate it.


  3. Great series – as always. I love the shower picture, and the one with the kids in the car!


  4. Lovely and great series!


  5. The weather certainly cooperated with you on the outdoor shots. Great images. 🙂


  6. Yes, very nice pictures, I really like the first and the two hands, that tenderness …


  7. I love your self-portraits, and your “whatever” photo is actually one of my favorites. Very interesting effect! I’m so glad your littlest one is now walking and in happier spirits. I remember that with my own daughter – she was so frustrated when she couldn’t walk yet. And she was very vocal in her frustration! 🙂


  8. Your little one in the swing smiling looks just like you! Lovely pic:) I like them all, but my favourites are probably the hands and the shower images -both very soft and very beautiful.


  9. That leaf is so pretty! Love the swing picture!


  10. I had a rough day, so it is nice to read your words and look at your photography.


  11. Absolutely love seeing your story in photos!


  12. Even your ‘whatever’ picture is beautiful!


  13. I really like the merged picture and the reflection one and the shower one-lol! All great shots. You are so creative. I think your oldest looks a lot like you in that shot of her on the swing.


  14. OMG. I’m laughing so hard reading all this, Personally, I’d go with the vodka!! I also loved the pennant – my husband calls my sewing machine an expensive door stop! I know one of these years I’ll learn to do something on it. You are a great storyteller with images, and that is a true talent!!


  15. Your girls look so much alike, they are just adorable!


  16. Your pictures are amazing as always. I especially love that last picture of the blurred/slow motion feels. Brilliant! Your girls are growing up so fast and they are super adorable 🙂


  17. I love your pictures. They definitely have a style all their own. I’ve never seen that overlay looking (I’m so not a photographer!) style. Very cool! Stoped by from Memories Captured.


    1. thank you so much for such a kind comment, Adrienne!


  18. So glad #2 is happier now and mommy is happier now. If Im on the floor, my #3 is right there next to me or climbing up on me.

    PS You’ve probably said it before, but do you just have amazing light in your kitchen? Because your pictures are so clear with such low light (or you can crank your ISO up might higher than I can!)


  19. Such a good one through the window of the car with your reflection and her little smile. As always, these made me smile.


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