365 Self-Portrait Project (week 47th)

The very great news is that this week I lost my laptop, all together with all the self-portraits I had, and many more pictures. All my textures from Kim Klassen, Bonnie, and from different websites. Many great crochet patterns that I had saved as PDF’s…

Everything thanks to No.1 – it appeared my computer did not like milk. Who would have thought that? huh?

I lost my cute “momphotographer” watermark. I created it with a font I had found on Internet and now I don’t remember the name of the font so I don’t know where to look for it. Actually, I don’t even feel like doing so.

I had to download new photo editing software and  here is the good news. I was able to get new Lightroom and I AM LOVING IT!!! Before I was working on Lr 2 and I thought I have no need to try the new version. Gosh… I couldn’t be more wrong… What a difference!!!


While having my morning coffee I was enjoying No.2.

No. 1 and her dad were still asleep.


Got myself a new chocolate. Dark chocolate with quinoa. Sooo good!

I am not in my forties but already have developed a specific taste buds for cheese and chocolate 😉


So, the story behind this picture is that my Little One is the “glued to her mom” kind of baby. Wherever I go there the sound of four-leg follower, most of the time there is a crying sound as well.


There is no reason to use a plate sometimes… Don’t you think?


Yeah… glued… again…

…and holding on in case if mom moves or walks away in which case she’ll go with her…


It rains… finally. Not that I am happy because of that, but so far we had such a gorgeous weather it was weird… Now is normal; cold and wet.

365/ 329

All chocolate gone: not good!

I hope you guys having a good week and wishing you a wonderful weekend.

I am going back to my crochet creations. Have made two hats this week and now I am stuck on matching cocoons… something is not right and I can’t figure out what… ugh…

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43 thoughts on “365 Self-Portrait Project (week 47th)

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  1. So sorry to hear you lost all your photographs. Such a shame.
    Love this week’s images – especially the chocolate (my favourite food group!) and the teddy bear wearing a hat!


    1. yeah… it is a shame… the hardest part is that I need to work on my husband’s computer which is totally new to me, and I am confused all the time. Don’t have all my tools, everything is different… and I am taking this computer over while it is his… ugh…

      On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 6:40 PM, Mom Photographer


  2. i am crushed for you in losing your computer, but mostly your photos. I really hope that somehow you can retrieve them. Love your shots from this week and your baby hanging on your leg is too funny!. All great shots, and know you will enjoy your lightroom.


  3. goodness you are one well-balanced soul!!! I’m hopeful that you still have all your photos on WordPress?! anyway, I’m almost 60 and while I won’t always say NO to vodka, mostly I DO, wine is an occasional treat, and I haven’t ever REALLY been a cheesecake fan. chocolate, on the other hand, well, I like it, a LOT, but haven’t had any in months and months… I was wondering about this the other day when I found yet another piece of clothing was too large Now… is it possible that the weight loss has been helped by NOT eating sugar stuff in all these months, too?! [see where the mind goes on chocolate, wine, vodka, and okay okay, ICE CREAM, my fave I haven’t had either in 8 months!!!]

    and back to your photos. I am forever astonished and inspired. you are so clever and your eye extraordinary!! loving that little No. 2 and her antics…



    1. yes, yes, yes… I still have them here on the blog and if needed I can download theme from here… but they are all watermarked and I really wanted to keep the original as well.

      I do love cheese, cheesecake, and all things cheesy.
      I do love chocolate.
      As Polish I was born with vodka flowing in my veins.
      Don’t care about the wine… yet!


  4. I love your hair pulled back with the braid down the back. I should try my hair like that. I’m not so good at doing my own hair though (or anyone else’s). Where did you find that quinoa chocolate? I think I would like it. I really like Quinoa.


  5. So many heart-warming photos. SO SORRY to hear about your computer and lost files! You can re-download many of my textures from the tab “Free For You” on my blog – but I’m sure my textures are the LEAST of your concerns.

    I hope Currie is right and that you can perhaps get many of your photos back from your blog posts.


  6. Love your photos, as always, love your style and your humor, HATE that you lost your computer!! Oh my!! Yes, chocolate, love that too . . . Your no.2 is getting so big and that smile is darn cute. And as always, again, I love your selfies!!


  7. Lovely photos and that little one attached to your leg is so adorable as is her two-bottom teeth grin!
    That’s so annoying to lose photos on a computer – the same happened to me a while back. Luckily you put lots of your children on your blog and can recuperate them here.


  8. Ewa, zagladam czasem, czytam. Widze ze duzo sie dzieje u Ciebie. Gratulacje zalozenia biznesu!!! i Powodzenia! Moj brat podobnie jak Ty odkryl w sobie pasje do fotografii i podobnie zalozyl firme
    Jezeli masz ochote:
    a Tu kilka moich wypocin, bo tez lubie rekraacyjnie “pofocic”

    New Hampshire 2019



  9. First, I love your photos. There’s a natural, open feeling to your self-portraits that is very appealing. I especially like “eating from the bowl” and the one with your Little One clinging and kissing your leg.

    Second, if you haven’t already, I’d suggest taking your laptop to a computer repair professional. Even though the computer itself may be dead, the data on your hard drive might be retrievable. It’s worth a try.


  10. What a heartbreak! I can’t imagine how frustrated you must feel. So many wonderful shots. So glad you see the bright side with the new Lightroom! Keep smiling and enjoying that chocolate!



  11. Hmmmm…maybe I only have two taste buds (chocolate and cheese). I love your crocheted hats–so cute! And I remember those days of the Velcro baby…well, vaguely, since I’m having trouble remembering now which one of mine was the worse with that. (My kids are 15, 10, and 6–I’ve lost a lot of brain cells along the way!) Hopefully it will pass soon, and you can walk without the odd gait [from dragging the baby with you] again. 😉

    I’m so sorry about your computer and everything you lost!


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