365 Self-Portrait Project (week 46th)

If you celebrate it… – Happy Thanksgiving my friends! Those who wonders – No, we do not have Thanksgiving in Poland 😉 (answer based on a real question.lol)

Anyway, this week is full of me and my hand(s) doing something with the food. I don’t know how that happened but it did. 


On Friday we had orange honey chicken stir fry for dinner. This dish is not the easiest/fastest to make but it is super delicious and my entire family loves it.   


On Saturday I had a photo session. It was great! The weather forecast said it’s was going to rain so we were prepared with umbrellas and the right kind of boots, but it actually didn’t and we had fun improvising 🙂

and there was a plenty of time to play with my favorite thing: reflections!   

Sneak peak from this session is on my new website: here and here.

It’s my new baby; I have decided to go public with the photography business. I am very excited  about it!    


On Sunday I took the picture of my boots (the blue ones) after being partially cleaned… I could not think of a better picture, not only because from the minute I woke up I had the most painful headache ever, but, because that day I was re-living the previous day over, and over again… especially while looking through all the pictures  I had taken. 


The next day, fixing pasta salad for lunch, with a terrible headache (again) and no energy to think of a better self-portrait.


Very recently we have started introducing solid food to No.2. 

She does not like it.

I don’t like it.

She is very stubborn and does not want to eat it.

So I give her a face cloth with which I wipe her face. She likes to play with it and bite it, so while she opens her mouth to bite the cloth I shovel the food in it. It does not always work. Most of the food ends up on me, on the floor, on her…  Maybe finger food would be a better idea in her case.


Getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

Making cranberry sauce in orange juice, with some brown sugar, cinnamon and orange peels.

The cranberry sauce is the only dish I really enjoy. I do not care for the rest of the dishes served during the Thanksgiving dinner.   

This year there is only us celebrating… without being  guests, having guests (or the in-laws).       

And because of that I am not cooking a lot and I am not stressing myself out. 

I had the time and the energy to bake two cakes:

– Polish cheesecake, using mix of Mexican and American cheese (now you can call it a multinational dish !!!)

– apple pie for my husband

using Bonnie’s texture: “Signed & Sealed”

Photo Art Friday



Hmm… Instead of a turkey, we roasted a wild duck, and a chicken in case if the duck failed (which of course did fail). Today was the first time I roasted whole chicken and duck. The chicken was delicious while the duck didn’t cook through and it made terrible, greasy mess inside the oven (our dog is going to be very happy in a few minutes).

Right now we are all making a room for some desert and a cup of tea.

I hope you guys enjoyed your Thanksgiving at least as much as I did. 

Give me your best shot at Better in BulkPhotoStory Friday ”Kleinworth

37 responses to “365 Self-Portrait Project (week 46th)”

  1. I like the idea of the “writing on the wall” of the oven:) Subtle…and clever! i also like the closeup of the cranberries-lovely shiny surfaces and beautiful colour.


    1. thank you, Lori. I thought that this texture will be hard(er) to use but then I tried it and it actually looked pretty good with all of the pictures I used it on. I decided to go only with this one because it looked the most interesting… , although it is very subtle.


  2. Nice photos, delicious two photos with umbrellas. Greetings.


  3. I LOVE your blog! The cake looks delicious and yes duck is a total bugger to get right and have a tendency to be very fatty and greasy.



    1. thank you, Molly!

      yes, the duck was terribly greasy and it looked like I had a bad recipe for it, as well, because it came out totally uncooked and almost raw… ugh…


  4. Det ser mycket gott ut och snyggt redigerat med texturen. Ha de gott i helgen


  5. such fun to visit today!! always, yet today it especially stands out BEcause I am “enJOYing” a visit from my friend I call “the band of pain” and BEtween the glorious blue sky and cool day AND taking my time ambling through Photo Art Friday, I am actually finding the JOY in pain. It is always a fine line but I have learned over the years that when pain comes perhaps it means I need to BE still, quiet, and give feasts to my eyes!!!

    reading of your headache whilst also creating [cooking & photography] inspires me too…

    lovely, your new website, and your fun with No. 2 eating made me laugh, a thing which, strange as it may BE, helps alleviate pain, too!!



    1. Currie, I am so sorry to hear about your pain. I had headache for four days this week, and I am not certain but it seems like it’s an eye related because as soon I put glasses on it went away almost immediately. The pain always causes me to slow down and just focus on breathing and that causes a clear mind… so it is very strange that to calm down, slow down and just BE… I need to be in pain.

      hope you’re feeling better soon!
      warm hugs


  6. I do remember my small children, when I see your pictures.


  7. More beautiful work from you! Good luck on your business, it’s bound to be a success, you’re so talented.


    1. thank you so much!!! I really appreciate your kind words!


  8. Beautiful images, as always! That last one made me laugh out loud!


    1. Thank you, Jill. and yeah… i really didn’t know what to do with that duck…


  9. My goodness – do you ever sleep? I can hardly keep up with you and your kids. Love the photos feeding your little girl – so precious!


    1. hahaha! I even think I sleep too much, which I don’t I just think I do… 🙂


  10. Wonderful fun photos! I wish I did not like a Thanksgiving meal as much as I do.. I always over do it… ):


    1. I just came to a conclusion that I actually like the stuffing, too. so there are two dishes I like to eat at thanksgiving… just give me a few years and I will like most of it 😉


  11. Great shots, all of them. What a variety you had this week!


  12. Looks like you had a great week. The photography session looked like a lot of fun.
    No. 2 has such a mischevious look on her face in the food shot of her. Some of that baby food (if it’s canned doesn’t taste good) so I can understand her look.
    Enjoyed seeing your PAF photo and the subtle yet effective use of Bonnie’s texture.
    Loved your Cranberry shot and cracked up over the photo of you and the bird.


    1. Ida, I make her food but it is still pretty tastless. She’s getting better, though. Not sure if because I figured out a system for feeding or because she likes the new flavor combo I made last week 😉


  13. What a great idea……reflections. Thanks.


  14. Such fun shots and commentary as usual. Be sure to try and avoid baby foods which stain…. i still remember that era quite well and a white dress that I once had. Love this last shot of you and the duck. hope you had a lovely thanksgiving, and i will be sure to check out your new website


    1. I know a lot about stains… went through it with our No.1


  15. Great week! Love the pictures of your little one eating, so cute! That cheesecake looks heavenly too!


    1. oh… she is cute, when she wants to be 😉 (such a woman.lol)… and the cheesecake is delicious, indeed. will post the recipe soon!


  16. I love reading the thoughts inside of the baby’s head about whether or not to make a mess. I also adore the shot in the sunglasses where you can see the gorgeous reflections.


  17. Such a great week. That cranberry sauce looks amazing. I love cranberry and orange together.


  18. Love the “rain” photoshoot and boots. And congrats on going public with the business.

    About the food? Take a break and try again…our girls were sometimes into it and sometimes not. And I always did the solids after the boob….that way they weren’t starving:) Just my unsolicited advice for the week.


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