365 Self-Portrait Project (week 44th)

I don’t know how to describe this week.

While it was VERY normal with the kids, it was, more than usual, creative with self-portraits. I even had the time to sneak one post in between Fridays.


To make our No.2 stop crying while I’m doing my chores around the house, I must get creative.

This worked pretty good for folding the laundry:


 No. 1 was playing along, putting as much toys to the basket, for her younger sister to play, as she could bring…


I edited this picture in 3 ways…

First is for Bonnie’s challenge. This week it’s: DISTINCT LINES.

I used Bonnie’s texture “Statement Frames”.

I wanted to use this specific texture, with very sharp lines, in opposition to the curvy lines of my body.

Photo Art Friday

Personally I don’t like this edit as much as those two  below. I decided to share them all.

Using Bonnie’s texture: “Blue Moon”
Using Kim Klassen’s texture: “Leslie”


Reading a new book: “Blood, Bones & Butter”


I did a few attempts to make this shot the way I had created it in my head. I had to much problems with the focus so I finally gave up. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Now, with a peaceful mind, I see where was the problem.


On Tuesday we went to a park, and AGAIN, I struggled with focus.  I took many pictures and only those 3, I think, are worth sharing.

The first one, for the way I look at No. 2 and how she sits on my lap… I think, it’s a cute picture.  Too bad I am not in focus:

The second one, for the way we look at the same direction:

And the third one for the piglet:

That day I got very, I mean VERY lucky with capturing No.2 showing off her two teeth:


This picture was inspired by a song…

This song:



Today, I’ve been busy with planning tomorrow’s newborn session. I am so very excited about it. I’m making a hat for the baby, but shhhh… I hope her mom won’t read that post… It suppose to be a surprise, and I hope it fits.    

and again.. I got lucky today with the TWO teeth smile:

And with this precious smile I wish to all of you a wonderful evening! 

ah… and maybe one more song; in Polish this time:

 Give me your best shot at Better in BulkPhotoStory Friday

31 responses to “365 Self-Portrait Project (week 44th)”

  1. So diverse – so wonderful. Love the idea of lines against the curves of your body! The shot of you and #2 that says ‘and a third one for the piglet’ shows how much she looks like you!


  2. What a great set of photos today! I love the edits you did with Bonnie’s and Kim’s textures. That two teeth smile is pretttty cute!


  3. Oh WOW! These are all truly fabulous . . . I do love the sepia one of you and I adore the one of you and #2 with piglet! Just fabulous!!


  4. Wow you never cease to amaze me with how creative you can be with your Self-Portrait series. I love the picture you did for PAF and my favorite of them is the one with the Blue Moon texture.
    No. 2 is just so cute and that photo of the two of you looking in the same direction is really nice. I also think she looks fabulous in purple.


  5. your posts are always so much fun to read and see.
    i think that the selfie with the ‘statement lines’ texture is wonderful (my favorite of the three) and as you said the contrasts are very interesting~!!~well done~!

    two teeth on the top AND two teeth on the bottom~!?
    how cute she is.



  6. how do yuou find the time to be so creative? the contrast of your body and the linear is a great idea and looks good too


  7. Delicious photos. Yes, I love those beautiful portraits. Greetings.


  8. Gorgeous Pics!!!!! WOW!!!


  9. Your children are so adorable. It is a joy to see your photos here every week. I can see you are very skilled with a knitting needle too. Valerie


  10. I cannot believe No. 2 already has teeth!! How in the world do you get her to keep that on her head without pulling it off?
    The line shots were lovely, all 3. And really enjoyed the Polish music! Here’s to another great week for you and a FANTASTIC photo session with the newborn! How fun.


  11. You are a great photographer! Excellent photos!


  12. A lovely post, gorgeous pics, all 🙂


  13. Your PAF photos are lovely. I always like to see the photos of your adorable little ones. love the laundry basket shot!


  14. Love the PAF images. Can´t really chose between them.


  15. I really liked your “Lines” portrait! To me, the contrast between lines and curves is perfect, and is emphasised by the high b/w contrast of the image overall. Of course, the others are beautiful as well 🙂 but, on the theme, I think the high contrast version is the one I like best.


  16. I canNOT tell you how VERY LOVELY your work is this week. I am starting to look forward to it and am never EVER disappointed in how your imagination takes you into showing us and YOU your World and perspective. you have an extraordinary way of seeing the World and I am really loving your explorations this week.


  17. That’s too funny. They just need to be close and feel involved don’t they!


  18. I’m doing a self portrait project too…just shoot me, okay? haha. I really like the one of you reading the book. Great perspective and angle.


  19. Your work this week is so lovely, you seem more relaxed and happy. Your self portraits this week are really beautiful as are those precious two teeth!


  20. I continue to be inspired by your self-portraits!


  21. piekniej niz pieknie!!!! 😉


  22. You are so creative!


  23. I really like your photography… beautiful to look at and each pic tells us something.I particularly like your b&w… that self portrait of you leaning over has such a lovely flow. Very inspiring.


  24. You are incredibly creative! Like the rest of the bloggers I look forward to your family photos!


  25. Very nice photos, I always enjoy looking at them!


  26. Beautiful self-portraits! I love your PAF “lines” piece, but I think the third of your edits on that photo is my favourite.


  27. The first photo is so cute. The photo art friday entry is very creative. I like the contrast of the straight and curvy lines. Well done 🙂


  28. How beautiful these turned out. You always inspire me.


  29. Beautiful and creative portraits. 🙂
    The TWO teeth smile is so precious!


  30. wonderful pics. Your selfportrait with the KK texture “Leslie” is so beautiful, so soft, I like it very much.
    LG joelsuma


  31. I’m so jealous of the amazing angles you find for your photos! Thanks for the comments on my blog! 🙂 I cannot wait to play with the new “toy”


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