365 Self-Portrait Project (week 43rd)

This week was crazy. It feels like my brain is boiling. There is so much going on inside. One would say that thinking is not a bad thing and that it actually doesn’t hurt… Well… I wish I could agree. I’ve been up, up on the very high level of a happiness scale  just to get down to the lowest levels of self-love, energy and acceptance. Everything within hours. Ugh… It is so tiring.    


Entry for Bonnie’s theme this week: Cobblestone Road texture.

Photo Art Friday

Some of you may remember than two weeks ago I had a friend visiting us for a few days. When she was here we had spent one whole day in the kitchen, cooking and baking. After her visit I was left with all the cabbage rolls in delicious tomato sauce, Polish cheesecake, salads, and several cups of this delicious dessert (made with strawberries instead of raspberries). No wonder my clothes are getting smaller on me.        



On Saturday we went to a pumpkin farm. There were animals to pet, ponies to ride on…


… and one cute (not) piggy 😉

as for the self-portrait, here it is. Please don’t ask questions. I just feel so dumb sometimes!


One of those days without any idea for self-portrait. To make it more interesting I played with it a little adding one of Kim’s Klassen textures called “nested”


Shower time. 


Being a bit playful. 

The picture of the keyhole is not mine, I took it from here.

The face behind it is mine, though. 


Halloween, of course. 

No. 1 was a kitty cat and No. 2 a flower.

No. 1 was wearing her costume since early morning.


After dinner we went trick-or-treating and NO.1 just LOVED IT. 

Her first door opened a woman who I though will scare the heck out of No.1, but after the few pieces of candy she got from the lady all was good. Something clicked in her tiny brain and, man, it was hard to stop her.


Door to door, she was running, yelling: “I want my candy!“. 

With her sister they’ve gather a pretty impressive amount of candies. 

Despite that No.2 slept for the most of the time:

I was able to take two pictures of her fully awake and  making new friends:

We were out for at least an hour until my leg was ready to go home:


Today we’d spent all morning talking with my family in Poland. No.1 had a blast goofing off with her older cousins. Now she is at the age that she can talk back a little, and she understands what is said to her. She was answering questions (with my help) and was playing with my niece in making animal sounds… oh… she was loving it!

Have a wonderful day, my friends. 

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63 thoughts on “365 Self-Portrait Project (week 43rd)

Add yours

  1. I always love your weeks of photography! Your kids are so cute, and could tell that they had alot of fun with Halloween! Are you from Poland.? Is it hard being away from your family? Bet the internet helps alot!


  2. How wonderful that you get to visit with family that way! The cuter the kids the more candy people give them so I imagine your girls did get a lot…so cute!!


  3. The hand on the shower glass is kind of reminiscent of a scene from a horror movie but also reminds me of a similar sexy image from the film Titanic. The keyhole image is quite extraordinary too… I think I might have to give that one a go.



    1. Molly, I took one more shot of my entire posture behind the shower door and despite the fact that there aren’t any “sexy” details to that picture I’ve decided not to post it. But I’ll keep it for some other day, maybe! 🙂


  4. It’s so wonderful watching cousins play isn’t it? My 8 mieces and nephews live far from each other, but when they’re together, it’s a big party. They love each other! That makes me so happy! Your little one is growing so fast, she is just beautiful! Not to mention #1, a doll as always! E


    1. it was really a wonderful thing to watch them play like that. My daughter finally got to that age of sufficient communication skills to keep the dialog going (with my small help), and it is the cutest thing in the world to watch her doing so.


  5. That is a wonderful image of the cup and Bonnie’s texture adds such interest. As for all of the cooking, I would love to all of those delicious foods in my freezer. Yum! I especially love a good cabbage roll!


    1. it was really wonderful that she didn’t mind to sit in this costume, especially the hat. when No.1 was her age she didn’t like having anything on her head and she would get it off.
      As for the window, maybe you can try to do it with a regular window, just need to add a little bit of steam or water.


  6. What cute little trick or treaters. I know what you mean about the roller coaster of emotions…it is a day to day thing and sometimes even an hour to hour thing. Happy weekend!


  7. Aww, it looks like a fun week for you, except for your poor leg…I hope it’s better soon. Your daughter’s Halloween costumes are adorable…I love your shower and keyhole shots. Oh, and the up and down moods, in the span of one day? I can so relate!


  8. Today’s post is fabulous. Starting off with the great PAF shot of that Yummy looking dessert. By the way you made me hungry talking about all that great sounding food.
    Both your Shower Shot and the Keyhole shots were so creative.
    Pictures of the kiddo’s in Halloween costumes totally adorable. Loved the one of No.2 sitting with the pumpkins.


    1. thanks so much, Ida.
      this year it was kinda weird trick-or-treating because the houses weren’t decorated almost at all. Such a difference from the last year and the year before. There was almost no place we could take some nice halloween shots with the kids.Two years ago and last year there were so many great and very well lit decorated houses. We stopped by one house and the guy told us we are the only trick-or-treaters and he gave No.1 a half of the bowl of the candies that he had for the kids.


  9. your thinking is so orginal – and your camera eye is all seeing. p.s. Love the shower shot amongst so many other great captures


  10. As always, wonderful and thoughty. You are very clever the way you see and think about things. LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos of No 2 with pumpkins. And, well, there is so much more. I could go on and on with how things hit and make me pause… That is good, REALLY REALLY good in my book. To pause and consider… I love how you used Cobblestone Road. And the keyhole, very curious… I have been -thinking of DOing some sort of self-portrait thing. I am making something for my father’s 87th birthday and I came across a bunch of pictures of me, old Polaroids, very faded. I see the little girl and I want to know her. Isn’t that strange?! She seems like someone else entirely. Each week when I see your week’s worth of awesome photographs I think of how amazing it is to keep a record of ourselves. For ourselves, really… I am so inspired by you and I hope you are finding more peace of mind… xoxo


    1. For my parents 45th wedding anniversary my sister put together a photo book filled with photos from the period between the day they got married to recent days… It was wonderful but while my mom was flipping the pages of it showing it to me (through the computer) I’ve noticed how few pictures we all have from the period of my and my siblings youth. I have only a few pictures with my mom and dad together. Seriously, just a few!
      I got a little sad when I realized that. Someday they’ll be gone and pictures are all what is going to be left.
      I do want my daughter to have more of me left.
      and thank you! 3rd cup of a green tea is very calming 🙂


    1. the dessert is really good, Jennifer. She made it before as the original recipe calls, with raspberries, and she really liked it.
      The strawberries made it a little bland (for me), still delicious, though, but next time I would definitely make those with raspberries.


  11. You’ve added some really intriguing edits with your great family shots. Like how you used the texture and love the edit of your back and elbow!


  12. I think the shower hand picture is my favorite..but the picture of “you” at the farm cracked me up the most.


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