365 Self-Portrait Project (week 42nd)

This week was a little bit crazy. Camera crazy, I should say. I had a photo buddy visiting us for a few days so it’s not really that hard to guess what we were doing. 

We were speaking Polish. Yeay!!!

We were cooking food that normally is not served in our home : Polish food made universal but for vegetarians only 😉 

We were taking many pictures.

Oh, how I wish I had weeks like that more often.


On Friday I’d started making a mat for the dogs crate but I haven’t finish it as my sewing machine is acting crazy and I can’t figure why.


Playing with the kid in a “flying bear” and a “flying doll”. 


On Sunday my friend arrived and we all went to a pumpkin patch.

This picture is not a self-portrait. It was taken by my friend. 

We did not take any shots of No. 2 because she was sick and had spent the entire outing swaddled in dad’s arms while two camera crazy Polish women were chasing even more crazy No. 1.


For such busy with taking pictures week something very weird had happened.

On Monday I did not take a single self-portrait as well as there wasn’t a single photo taken of me by my friend.   


On Tuesday I had fixed the mistake from the previous day by taking A LOT of self-portraits. 

altogether with MANY pictures of NO.1 and NO.2

The weather was just perfect and despite a few kids breakdowns we spent about 4 hours at the park. 


How surprised I was when not really knowing that my No. 2 can sit on her own already I was holding her for the photo shot and when I finally let her go (expecting she is going to fall down after a few seconds) she just sat there, and sat… and she gave us the most serious look the small child can give you; The look which is sweet but not when you want to take beautiful pictures of a child to be used in your portfolio.    


We also captured many moments with aunt Jo in the picture. Normally she is always behind the camera.  

And the sitting elf, again 🙂  

and her sister using my tripod as her microphone:

Before that I had no idea that she knows the concept of a microphone… It looks like she is very familiar with it. 


“Hey, what ya doing up there?” 

No. 2 is getting more and more curious about what’s going on around her.   

She is very close to start to crawl.



Finally, the real Fall weather has gotten to here. Warm socks and plenty of ho tea is a must!!!      

This picture reminded me that my cup of tea is empty. Time to fill it up.

Stay warm my friends.

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64 thoughts on “365 Self-Portrait Project (week 42nd)

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  1. So many fabulous family images! Love that your baby surprised you with her ability to sit up … perhaps her serious look was because of her new perspective on the world!


  2. lots of photos of your special times together. isn’t it exciting when we capture those special milestones on camera~!?

    it has gotten cold here too. we had our first snow of the season a few nights ago and eventually ended up with approximately 2 inches on the ground. the daytime temps rose to the low 40’s today for a short time and most of the snow is now melted.
    our winter has officially begun.
    so , yes, warm tea and warm socks are in the picture at our house too.



  3. So much to look at here …all fun. I like the variety – of b&w and colour – and collages this week too. Love the collage with the little one and the purple beanie – also your little girl with her hair “swishing” up.


  4. wonderfuLL!! I love them all, really. I loved, too, how you forgot for one day to take any. that would BE like me forgetting to write one whole day. and while I can say it has happened, NOT in a Very Long Time.

    this project and all that is coming together with and within it is spectacular. I see so much in every little arrangement and each photo is singular yet with the others totally balanced.

    A real JOY…


    1. Currie, thank you for all you words of encouragement.each week you make me smile.
      it was so weird when I was going for all my pictures for this post and I couldn’t find anything for Monday! I didn’t know what to do : Start panicking or use a picture from a different day… but I had decided to just relax and admit that I missed it…


  5. Fuzzy socks…those are great. I’ve got my skiing socks on (I don’t ski, though). The serious sitter is too cute! Ours must be the same age. I propped no. 2 up and he sat, just yesterday! He likes to fall backwards, so I had a pillow behind him. It is amazing what you don’t know what your kids know, and then they are doing things (like the microphone)…my son always does stuff like that to me.


    1. Yes, our daughter falls backwards as well, she’d done that a few time while at the park. She did not like that at all. And yes, your’re right it is crazy to see what our kids know without our knowledge about it. she surprises us all the time with things like that!


    1. thank you! I am almost done with this project and sometimes I find myself wishing it was over already. I do like it, to star it was one of the best decision I have ever made, but at the same time it can be overwhelming…


  6. I am lovin’ the fingerless gloves. You look so fashionable and fabulous! 🙂
    And your No. 2 is SOOOO serious! LOL.
    You look like you had a fun photo-full week. 🙂
    I’m going to email you back here in a little bit. I’m going through comments and then I’ll get to email. So much to do! 🙂
    As always, your post really brought me up.


    1. fashionable, is the last word that comes to my mind looking at me, Jennifer.
      Reading that somebody think that way makes me feel really good. I think, that I need those kind of days more often to remind myself that I am still a women who likes to wear a jewelery and nice shoes and not only snicker and pajama pants… 😦


  7. I am speechless. I am not gifted with a lens ( my daughter took that gene) words are my thing. I can’t offer anything new that others have not said, other than to tell you how well tuned your creative eye and heart are. Beautiful.


  8. I loved sharing your week with you, your friend, and your children. You have some great self-portraits, but I have to admit that the one your friend took of you and your daughter is my favorite of this collection. The color and soft light perfectly suit the tenderness of the moment.


  9. So much fun that your friend visited and you could bond over photos and your language. My #3 screamed this weekend when we put her on the grass…it was hilarious!


    1. My Little One hates grass. I was very surprised that she wasn’t acting scared while we were taking pictures. Normally she freezes and she doesn’t move at all when we put it on the grass…it is the funnies thing ever!


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