365 Self-Portrait Project (week 40th)

First of all I want to share with you a great news!

This Monday my post about this project was published on Bonbon Break website. You can read it here!!!

So far it has received 203 “likes” on their fb page, and 93 “likes” on their webpage. Honestly I am so, so surprised that it drew so many readers; At the same time I am so thrilled and happy. As I wrote here, on my blog, and then I repeated it in this essay for Bonbon Break:

At some point this project took on a life of its own. It became more about US than about ME. More about motherhood than just one mother.

I am so thankful for and so inspired by all the comments I’ve gotten here, on Bonbon Break, as well as on World Moms Blog; it’s thanks to this post for WMB  Kathy from Bonbon Break has found me and asked if I would be willing to share my experience in this project with their readers!

It is a fact, the last touch to this post comes from my husband. He went through this essay, sentence by sentence, in order to find grammatical and stylistic errors in it, change them and explain why “this way not the other”.

It was, still, such an amazing thing to read one person’s words

I love this one…, the message, the writing, and the photos!

Still, how big of a smile appeared on my face when I read those words!

Somebody liked MY WRITING!!! IN ENGLISH, so to speak!

Fun Fact:

People who know me from High School and College know how much I hated English language. I was bad at it, it frustrated me, very often I was depressed because of it, especially while in college, where I had to repeat one year of English classes. Even then I almost failed, second time. Believe me! My English speaking and writing skills sucked REALLY, I mean, REALLY bad!!!

I was the last person, my teachers thought, would be out there writing blog, expressing my thoughts in full sentences in English language!

It is amazing where life takes us. Isn’t it.

Maybe in a few years I’ll be able to write an essay in Russian!


On Friday I took some silly photos for my post about coconut-coffee facial scrub.

I really like the first picture but the second one is a funny one so I’ve decided to use both…

There is nothing wrong in showing my cross-eyed face once in a while 😉



One of those picture that doesn’t have much story behind it. It took me almost an hour (while both kids were asleep – MIRACLE!!!) to finally gave up and stop taking pictures. I wasn’t happy with a single photo I had taken that day. I tried this and that. I was completely out of ideas. I mean COMPLETELY.

They were all really bad.

I looked bad, the light was bad, the idea was bad.

A lot of writing as for a picture without a story behind… huh? 😉



fun time,

play time.

Loosing more hair time.


Braids on my head is a thing I was famous for from high school. I would sit in class, making small braids in my hair. Not only in class but almost anytime I had my hands free. It has always relaxed me. Have no idea why.


Ok, I think that this is great example of a picture without a story behind it!

So I leave it like that.


“What I wore Wednesday” – it’s a name of many link-ups out there. Something like this one. Of course, I never participate in those.
It’s nice, though, to visit them and see that people out there wear nice cloths, shoes, make-up. I do look the same almost every single day. If we go somewhere I wear things that are comfortable, tops ready to be pulled up in a hurry in order to feed No.2. How nice and stylish do I look going to the park with my girls, you think?

It’s funny that these days going grocery shopping I feel like it’s my time to look nice, wear nice shoes, rings and earings.

So, yes, this it what I wore on Wednesday,

and on Tuesday:


This is for this week Bonnie’s them “Liquid”:

How do you like your tea?!

Photo Art Friday

36 responses to “365 Self-Portrait Project (week 40th)”

  1. your blog posts are so good because you talk to your reader – that’s one of the best uses of English! Such creative ideas with a camera in or out of your hand. Laura x (a very strong tea drinker)


    1. thank you for your sweet comment, Laura!
      raise our cups with strong tea in them, then! I love my tea strong as well.


  2. The picture of you by the window is so intriguing! Great point of view!


  3. What is it with babies and hair?! As always, love the weekly recap.


  4. I always enjoy your posts about your week and how the selfies are going or not going. Valerie


  5. Congratulations! I am not surprised at your success and predict that this is just the beginning.

    I like my tea brewed in a china teapot and served in a bone china mug. I used to take it with milk, but now I drink it black (removed milk from my diet).

    Your pics and commentary always make me smile. Your authenticity is key.

    BTW – your English is amazing!

    Thanks so much for linking up with Photo Art Friday, Ewa.


    1. thank you, Bonnie, for your always wonderful and supporting comments! I do not have any nice tea set. I should get one, I guess! drinking tea from a soup cup is not very tea-drinker like 😉


  6. Congratulations on your post! It is well deserved. I am a big fan of your work. Oh and l am Brit, it is obligatory to like tea in this country.



  7. My mom thinks your English is beautiful. The hair pictures were so creative! They include two parts of you—your hair and your darling #2. I like the clothes shots. So retro! I braid my hair like that too. I think it looks so pretty. I’m trying to be more of a tea drinker but I lean more toward the coffee.


    1. Jenn, your mom reads it??? wow! thank you. Say Hi from me and give her a big hug from taking such a good care of you!!!


  8. Your blog is delightful! I like your PAF piece – such a comfy, warm feeling.


  9. pieknie Ewa jak zawsze, czekam na nastepna historie z niecierpliwoscia 🙂


  10. Great photos from you again!


  11. Beautiful pictures, I love, the 365/274 very disturbing.


  12. I hope the tea was not spilled. 🙂


  13. I’m so happy for you! You are my hero.


    1. thank you for your wonderful words!


  14. Exquisite photo that heads the post with the baby with open arms and a face of happiness, only to see this picture worth living.


  15. I love the ones with her playing with (in?) your hair! I had very long hair as a young mother -ouch!


    1. Mom Photographer Avatar
      Mom Photographer

      yeah: ouch! that exactly what I say VERY often these days!


  16. I love these pictures and how you captured life.


  17. Hi! It’s a good news that being published on Bonbon Break website.English is very difficult for me too.
    I heard a news a long years ago that the world most spoken English was the broken English.
    So I decided to write a English blog. There are many heart warming photos in your blog.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


  18. I enjoy visiting your blog and find it hard to believe you struggle with English. The facial is funny and the photo of your body by the window is great! Interesting perspective and although you say you struggled with getting a good shot that day, I think you nailed this one!


  19. Congratulations on the Bonbon Break coup! A well deserved honour in my humble opinion! Love your blog and your photography…always a treat to visit!


  20. I am not at all surprised that your work was chosen to be featured in Bonbon Break…you truly have a gift. Truly! Your photos are incredible and you capture real life in a very poignant way (even the ones with no story behind them!). Congratulations! I’m very happy for you and am smiling from ear to ear as I type this! Have a wonderful weekend~~ 🙂


  21. I am so happy for your happiness. You are a wonderful storyteller and have a way of seeing things and then sharing them that always amazes and amuses. And then, too, you never fail to make me think, deep thoughty thinks…

    I love the way you write, and how it is a conversation that I look forward to each week.

    so happy for you and delighted with your surprise, too. we are often the last to think we are worth listening to… I would like to say that gets better with age, but I am finding myself more and more wanting to listen and NOT say anything. It is like once I get started I can’t stop!!! LOL!!

    BEautimous, my friend, start to finish!!


  22. Congratulations on achieving something that obviously brings you happiness, without even intending to achieve it! I enjoy your honest and creative way of looking at life on such a personal level.


  23. Way to go with your Publication! You are very creative.
    I enjoyed the funny picture of your facial very much.
    Also your Tea photo – Which by the way I like my Tea strong too and a great one is Earl Grey.


  24. Love all your shots.

    I’m visiting from Mom’s Mingle. I would love for you to return the visit; I’m also hosting a “30 Day Mom Challenge” that you might be interested in.

    Angie @ gloriousIMPERFECTion.blogspot.com


  25. beautiful photos, thanks for sharing!! brooke from http://www.babybearhugs.com follow back!


  26. This is a cute idea and your pictures are beautiful. I wish I had that kind of creativity. Stopping by from Mom’s Monday Mingle – http://www.100lbcountdown.com


  27. A great post (as always!) and well done for your success, you do have a gift for writing as well as taking pictures 🙂


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