365 Self-Portrait Project (week 39th)

What a normal week we’ve had.

One day at a time; that’s how I live these days.

It works.


For sometime now I’ve been thinking about putting up a post or a series of posts about self-portraits. I’ve received many emails as well as many comments asking questions about this project, about lenses I use, about camera I use, about places, time, if I use tripod, if I use remote, from where I get the courage to get in front of the camera each day, the ideas, etc.

I wrote and essay about this project for Bonbon Break, which will be publish on the 8th, and while writing it I just realized that sharing my story and my experience might be a help for many women out there, who are as afraid of being photographed as I used to be.ย  The essay for Bonbon Break is more like the one I wrote for World Moms Blog.

I’ve learned a lot since I started this project and it wouldn’t hurt if I share this knowledge.

So, I want to ask you, if you think it is a good idea to put together something like that. Would you want to read it? Would that interest you?!

I am not saying I would do it right away. First I need to finish this project in order to feel like I can teach/coach/guide somebody else.ย 


On Saturday we went to a b-day party where in a quiet office-room I would breastfeed my Little One.


On Sunday I’d played with No. 2 who likes to be close to me. She is getting better in playing on her own but she is the happiest when I am near by, within her reach.


As our No.1 says: “you wanna play blocks?

Yes. I want to play blocks, my dear. Lets play and let your sister play, too. Ok?

She’s got some sharing issues lately, so we’ve been working on them.

by the way, No.2 is extremely aware of the camera. She is only 5 months old (ok, almost 6), and whenever she sees me with the camera she transforms into this smiley, lovely darlin who looks like an angel, like a “zen baby”, as my friend named her. It’s unbelievable.

Photo Art Friday


That day I’ve tried to take a different photo but what I ended up with were those two. As my friend said: Big Ewa (yep, that’s my name) and Little Ewa. Does she really look like me?! I don’t see that.


It’s been ages since I write something in my journal. Actually after finishing my last one I just stopped writing a new one. With all the blogging and photographing and being a parent I just didn’t have the time for it, and I think, I just had lost interest in writing; the real writing, writing in Polish, writing the real thoughts, the raw thoughts without having to think about the audience. You know what I mean.

About two weeks ago I picked up one of my empty notebooks and started writing.

Those are not very happy words, but to write them down helps.


One of those shots: “Ok, let’s do it as quick as possible and be done for the day. Turn right, snap. Thank you very much!

I wish you all a wonderful day.

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47 thoughts on “365 Self-Portrait Project (week 39th)

Add yours

  1. I think writing about your project would be wonderful! I think it takes a lot of courage to do this, and to do it every day at that! And, yes, she does look quite like you!


  2. Yes, yes, and yes Ewa, I would love to hear your tips and tricks for selfies – I’ve gotten one, yep just one . . . if it’s not in nature, I’m just not sure how to photograph it! haha Love your post as usual, and you sound less stressed, that’s a good thing! xo


  3. Great shots. Your girls are beautiful like their mother! I love the set of 4 in different colors – of you.

    I think the things you have learned could appeal to a large number of women. Even if you can’t do it right now – you can begin formulating your thoughts, parts to the course or article, etc. right now. Sounds like an exciting project for you and for those who eventually participate.

    Thanks so much for sharing your art with Photo Art Friday, Ewa.


    1. that’s exactly what I’ve been thinking, Bonnie! I already have a few ideas for the guiding series but wanted to be sure if there is an interest for it out there.
      thank you for your support!!!


  4. There is so much you share each and every time, within these wondrous posts. I think it would BE wonderful for YOU, too, to write about it, to catch the feelings. Have you gone back to see your posts?! I am finding that an interesting challenge. Whatever you write or share will most definitely appeal to ME and to many. It is a brave undertaking, self-portraits. I think in many ways you have been “taming me” to it.
    And I have to say about “zen baby” she is so herself and yet so much of you, too. her expressions are the thing I most enJOY, as I DO yours. there is so much said in a look that words are often unnecessary.
    always ALWAYS I look forward to visiting your posts and my Friday is Now complete!!


    1. great to hear that I inspire people. It means a lot to me and it makes me keep going with this project and all the “advanced” thoughts I have about it. I will definitely put more thoughts about sharing my experience about this project.
      Currie, thank you for your great comment, as always!


  5. Oh yes it would be interesting to read your series.
    Very nice photo’s again. I was thinking earlier as I was looking at the pictures of No. 2 with her sweet smile how much I thought she looks like you and then I read below how you can’t see it that much. Believe me it’s there.
    Very sweet photo for PAF.


  6. i am definately curious about the selfie project that you are doing. i don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera and cannot even imagine doing a whole year of selfies~! i totally admire your courage and the shots that you are getting.
    what a great way to “journal” a year.



    1. thank you! that was a big step to decide to do this project. but I think that a bigger one was to keep going even in days that I felt really bad about my look about myself, about everything… especially after the second baby was born.
      Today I am so happy that I have those pictures when I look back!


  7. Beautiful shots! I love it that you are taking pictures of you with your kids. That’s what I have to do more of. Thanks for the inspiration! And thanks for linking up. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. as a SAHM it is hard to take a picture of myself without one of my kid around ๐Ÿ™‚ No.1 almost always tries to get in between me and the camera every time I try to take self-portrait ! it is actually a good thing, because that way I have really funny family portraits! something to laugh about in future! ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. I’m a new follower of your blog from your article on Bonbon Break (which someone had pinned on Pinterest). I think your project resonates with people because most mothers are not that comfortable being in pictures. Plus, candid, “everyday” photos are much more precious than posed ones.
    Please consider elaborating on your process!!


    1. thank you Megan! thanks to all those great comments and words of interest I am planning to make something more out of this project ! Next year I won’t continue, as it’s been a hard work to keep up with this project and I need a break, but I will put together some series of posts, based on my experienced, that will be focused more on guiding and inspiring women to get out there and start taking pictures of themselves more often.


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