Self-Portrait Project (week 33rd)

The most important thing that happened this past week was…

… I finally dug out the sewing machine I had gotten from my in-law a year (or more) ago…

Haven’t made anything yet, but it’s all set up and ready to use.


On Saturday I brought the machine into the house. Cleaned it and… hm… didn’t know where to start and what to do with it.

Ni Hao Yall


Serving dinner. Tomato galette. Yumm!!!

With this picture I got lucky. 

On Sunday I didn’t take any other self-portrait and this one was taken just by accident.  


The day before we went to Jo-Ann’s  to get some thread for my sewing machine and just look around for things I would need if I want to start sewing. Late at night I had tried to put the thread on the machine but I couldn’t figure it out, so we called my husband’s mom. She helped a little but still… it didn’t work. 

So on Monday I called my mom.

We talked on Skype, so I was able to show her the machine.

Then she guided me through each step. During the next few hours the machine was ready to go, and what’s most important I felt super comfortable and confident about sewing.

The funny thing is that

– my mom had been a seamstress for 40 years,

– she had taught sewing in sewing vocational high school for 15 years,

– she’d made many of my clothes

– I had watched her sew every single day for so many years

BUT at the same time

she had never had the patience to teach me or my sister how to sew.

Finally, after so many years and thousands miles away she taught me something.

Isn’t that funny!?


Also this week, I have discovered a bentonite clay. It does wonders to my skin 🙂 

And this picture is a reflection of how I ‘ve been feeling lately… in pieces… a piece here, a piece there…


This picture is an ode to my back which hurts like hell. It has been for the most part of this week. I know that big part of it is the weather. It has changed a little and I can feel it, but for the most of the time it is our No. 2 screaming her lungs off each time I put her down. At the same time she is not getting any lighter.  


Easy and quick to make dinner: Pasta.

with this little one rolling back and forth between my legs …

At least that way I can have a few things done without having to hold her.


Today’s play and eating toes time 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!


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34 responses to “Self-Portrait Project (week 33rd)”

  1. Oh, I love your hair in the pasta photo. It’s so pretty! And how ingenius with the three of yourself trying to figure out what to do with the sewing machine. So your mama finally taught you how to sew. So funny! I bet she loved that. 🙂


    1. thank you, Jennifer. My hair is a mess, lately. The tider I braid it the better I feel. They fall out like crazy, although I take vitamins. It feels like a small wind blow and I am 50 hair less… 😦
      my mom looked really relaxed. I bet it was because it wasn’t her machine that I was about to destroy 😉


  2. Thank God for Skype – right? What a great story about learning to sew…over the miles! Awesome! Nice pics!!


    1. skype is amazing!!! I think I’ll be using it more often for those online lessons from my mother 🙂


  3. What a creative day you had – I have heard that toes are quite yummy.


    1. she looks like if she had any teeth yet, she would devour those toes in a few minutes… 🙂


  4. I like those pictures, wonderful. Exquisite triple self-portrait.


  5. The bentonite clay photo collage is gorgeous!!! I love it.
    I never liked sewing, I hated it in school and all I can do is sewing a button on (at least that). My daughter – a teenager – taught herself sewing (youtube is fabulous for that), got a sewing machine and is sewing the sweetest doll clothes. Even my husband can sew (learned it during his military service)! I think this household is covered.


    1. you know, my dad knows more about sewing and using the sewing machine more than me. my mom would always allow him to sew a patch here and there but she never let me… 😉
      be the way, I’m planning on using youtube, as well. I always use it when I crochet. It’s awesome.


  6. My sewing machine sits where I can see it, and I really don’t know what to do with it.
    My mom and sister sewed my baby clothes, and never taught me either.

    Thanks for sharing with Foto Friday,


    1. I am still afraid of it, so I haven’t used it since that day with my mom. Don’t know what to make… Should start with something easy… but what’s easy? hm??!


  7. giggling, seems like you are cracking up compleately. 🙂
    Actually, I loved the images of your cracking face. There are some nice art quality about tehm.


    1. thank you!
      Yes, a little humor always makes my tiredness more bearable 🙂


  8. I love your chronicles of your day-to-day life. The “toes time” collage is especially heartwarming!


    1. thank you, Electra. I think, that the period of toes eating is one of my favorite. I just LOVE it. I remember my No. 1 doing it and I couldn’t stop photographing her.


  9. You are so great with your selfies. I hate doing it! Good luck with the sewing. It’s nice to have that skill under your belt.


    1. thank you and thank you. going to in-laws soon so I’ll be practicing some sewing having somebody to watch me and help if I need it, and I probably will need it.


  10. chichomeschoolmama Avatar

    Love the composite of the one with the sewing machine!!!!


  11. I love your style of photography. It’s true to life, beautiful and touching.


    1. thank you so much for such an heartwarming comment!


  12. Oh, the sewing. The women in my family all know how to work their way around a machine, but somehow, it skipped me and my sister! There are so many things I’d love to do, create, but I can’t seem to do more than stitch a straight line or mend by hand!


    1. I know what you mean. My dad can make better use of the machine than I do.


  13. I love that they are all an aspect of you. I love that they aren’t the typical “selfie” shots. Beautiful!


    1. I think, it would be even more challenging to take 365 typical self portraits 🙂
      thank you for stopping by.


  14. Lots of cool effects on your pictures this week. Love seeing them all–very inspiring.


    1. thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂


  15. lindyloumacinitaly Avatar

    Well I hate sewing so well done you for even getting the sweing machine in the house. 🙂


    1. thanks. if I only knew what to do with it next. I always like watching my mom sew, and I was amazed how one can create such a great things from a piece of fabric. Now I feel like the creating is within a reach, I just have to stop staring at the machine and start sewing….


  16. I never learned to sew either. Like not at all!

    Sorry #2 is being such a stinker. Do you have a carrier she likes so you could wear her and take some “carrying” off your back?


    1. I do have a carrier but I am not able to lift her like that because of my back injury I had a few years ago. It sucks, I know, but I can deal with her crying. It’s better than dealing with the back pain I have after I carry her for longer than I suppose to.


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