365 Self-Portrait Project (week 29th)

I am still tired from out last weekend road trip.

We went to Reno and Virginia City and had spent two long nights not in our beds, what means kids as well as mom had not slept very good. At least we’ve learned that our No.1 is not ready for a bed without protecting bars yet.


On Friday we had left the house and on late afternoon we had arrived to Reno.

After we had rested and cooled down a little we went for a walk.


On Saturday we had left Reno to Virginia City.

Where we had walked A LOT!

And where I’d taken tremendous amount of pictures! 🙂


Most of last Sunday we had spent driving back home. It was an exhausting drive.

I came home with sun/wind burned dry lips that hurt as hell.

at least we had arrived on time to watch last episode of Next Food Network Star 🙂


While cooking I saw this reflection in the oven window and thinking about Urban Muser’s theme for this month: “reflections”, I had to take this picture. I’d tried many angles, but this is one of the best I ended up with.


My Little Sweetheart.


Just looking into the night… .


This picture is for Bonnie’s them: improbable pairing but I am not sure where the pairing is…

Maybe in the title.

Maybe in a real content of this picture. Is that possible? Me merging with some mechanical parts to improve my skills, my functions.

Hm… Thinking about it I wouldn’t mind have a camera connected to my eyeballs which would take pictures through my eyes whenever I would want to 🙂 Wouldn’t that be cool?

A few years ago, back in Poland, I had given a lecture to the University of the Third Age. The title of this speech was “Your grandchild might become a cyborg “.  Many from the audience had listened to me like to a crazy woman talking, but the thing is that whenever the word cyborg appears people envision Terminator or Cylons, never real people like Cathy Hutchinson (for example)… but I’ve got too philosophical in here…

so improbable, or not: that is the question.

Photo Art Friday

Have a wonderful day, my friends!



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24 responses to “365 Self-Portrait Project (week 29th)”

  1. jak zwykle piekna seria, ale ostatnie zdjecie z tym magazynem no to juz arcy…
    Uwielbiam Twoje prace !!! Koniec i kropka!!! 😀


  2. Excellent series of pictures, I really like B & W.


  3. An improbable pairing in an image, but perhaps as you suggest not entirely improbable in terms of what the future holds. You have such a pleasing variety of images in this post: tired, tender, pensive, artsy, charming, etc. etc. I always enjoy this little peek into your life. Thank you for sharing your creativity with Photo Art Friday.


  4. I love these pictures, hope you’re recovering better now 🙂 That shot of your little one in the red spotty dress is adorable 🙂


  5. I loved Virginia City. We had wanted to stay there, and in Carson City too, but couldn’t get out of our hotel arrangements. I will say, as you had mentioned, it does get easier to take your own picture…starting to get creative, and not just standing by the wall and smiling…awkwardly. And as always, an adorable little sweetie pie.


  6. Those are great photos! I have had sun burned lips before and that is painful. Hope you are feeling better.


  7. Still loving your blog…
    the cyborg photo is great, wonderful composition.


  8. a great week of photos
    and I love your ‘improbable pairing’ … 🙂


  9. Okay- now I am just really impressed that you were able to keep up your challenge even while traveling. Having two little ones & living on the road for multiple days is a stressful time. You are doing it fabulously!


  10. You really take cool and interesting shots!


  11. Nice set of pictures and very good variety; I enjoyed this.


  12. Amazing Journey through your photos. Really made me stop and think and look. I love when that happens!! I enJOY the commentary and the thoughts you share.
    Thanks, too, for your comments on my funny couple.


  13. Beautiful photos! I think the last one, the improbable pairing is genius.


  14. very cool shot for PAF. 🙂


  15. I enjoy looking at these images. My favourite is the b&w “my darling”.


  16. As always, I love your images! Your “improbable pairing” shot is really intriguing.


  17. Another interesting post. Your photos are fun, poignant and very well done.
    I especially liked the window reflection shots of your little girl. Also like the photo of your lips (sorry to hear there got parched so badly) and that last shot with the book, well that certainly was creative and thought provoking.


  18. Beautiful captures! Love the dramatic processing on the 1st few.


  19. You’ve taken some priceless pics here.. love the mood and tone of all your images.
    Hope you get to relax this weekend, travelling can be tough!


  20. You have some great pictures here – and it sounds like you suffered a wee bit for you holiday. Hope your lips heal soon!!!
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog I really appreciate it :))


  21. I loved following your story illustrated with your images!! Impressive that you kept the theme in mind as you traveled with little ones!! Really great post and photos!!


  22. eclecticschooling Avatar

    Your selfies are amazing! Great perspectives!!


  23. Just fabulous! I love all your selfies, all so different and wonderful!


  24. I love those black & white ones of you out for a walk. So cute! Thanks for linking up at {In The Picture} this month 🙂


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