Visiting Nevada – Day Two: Virginia City

After our day in Reno we’d left to Virginia City, an old town that still looks like the Wilde West. Leaving Reno we weren’t sure if we’re going to stay in Virginia City or maybe go back to Reno for the night. We even had considered going back home the same day.

Adventures & Misadventures of Daily Living

The ride from Reno to Virginia City was really awful as it always is for me on the very curvy roads. I wasn’t ready for such a hot weather, I hadn’t been drinking enough water and when we got to the city I was shaking, whatever I would say I’d heard echo in my head, I felt like I’m going to throw up… . I felt miserable. The whole being-in-a-middle-of-a-dessert thing… ugh… I am totally not used to it. I don’t count those few trips to in-laws where for the most of the time we are indoors anyway πŸ™‚

As soon as we got there my husband got me a cold, iced (not very tasty) milkshake which made me feel much better. We had sat in the old retro saloon re-made into a small casino-like place until I regain my energy.Β 

Then we went for a walk looking for some place to have late lunch-early dinner. As soon as we got there I knew I want to stay there for the night. This place was really nice and unique, I wanted to see more. So while kids and I had been finishing our lunch/dinner the husband went for a hotel seeking trip. He came back with a good news. After we had eaten we all left to the hotel where we got some rest, posted a few pictures from the trip on facebook, got a bandage for our daughter’s blister and we’d left for another walk.

This time the weather was MUCH COOLER and there was MUCH LESS people on the streets.

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Both places, Reno and Virginia City were great, but Virginia City was my favorite. It’s such a great thing to be able to see the real, old and historical wild west and be able to walk those old streets and visit the old buildings. The words “old building” have such a different feeling to it when I think about old buildings in Poland, or Europe in general. Some buildings are almost 1000 years old like this churchΒ  dated back to 1079!!! The difference is huge between the European and American history and I’m always excited and happy when I am able to compare it with my own eyes and body πŸ™‚

Our trip would’ve been even better if we hadn’t had such a rough time going back home. We were all really tired of being on the road a lot, not sleeping well, walking with blisters or being trapped in the car seats. The drive back home was just too much. What normally would’ve taken 4Β  hours this time took almost 8!Β 

Luckily we got home just in time for Next Food Network Star!!!

9 responses to “Visiting Nevada – Day Two: Virginia City”

  1. Isn’t Virginia city cool! Great pictures!


    1. The first minute we got there I was in love!!! πŸ™‚ It is such a great place. I wish we had more time and energy to see more, walk more and just stay for a little longer! We are planning to go there for 4th of July next year. Will see! It would be super cool ! πŸ™‚


  2. I live in Reno so I thought it was cool when I saw that u were out here. I know what u mean about that trip to Virginia City. I hate it too but the history out there is really interesting. Glad to see that u made it back home safe.


    1. Virginia City is so great! I jut can’t get over it! πŸ™‚


  3. Great travel pics, I just shared some from my road trip too!


    1. I saw your. Looks like a wonderful road trip. Ours was pretty exhausting with such a small kids but still, it was great !


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  5. You certainly captured the essence of VC. Sorry to hear about the car sickness. That road up there is a bit curvy. If I had known you were going- I would have given you directions on the back way which is slightly less of a pain.


    1. we’re planning to go there again, so I’ll ask you then! good to know! πŸ™‚


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