365 Self-Portrait Project (week 24th)

First of all, I want to mention, the community of wold’s mothers World Moms Blog I contribute to, has gotten on ForbesWoman’s list of “Top 100 Websites for Women 2012“!!! Isn’t it that great!!!

Next to this positive news there is not so positive one:

because, being honest with you, I am getting a little tired of this 365 project… .

A few times this week I thought about not doing it anymore.

More than physically I feel mentally exhausted!

Our No.2 sleeps really good but the thing is that after I feed her at night I have such a hard time falling back to sleep and by the time I do fall asleep it is time to get up again. Still there is something more to it than just not getting enough of sleep… .

Luckily I was able to pull myself together and keep going one day at a time… .

So here we go:


Last Friday I had a really hard time to come up with something. I took about 10 different pictures. Every singe one sucked. This one sucked too, so I had to edit it to hide all the imperfections and vuala:

The Hollie Rogue


These days I’m feeling pretty blue, under the weather, sad, depressed, melancholic… you name it! Each day I hope for a better tomorrow and for the door to open and show me the blue sky!

I know, I know, the door won’t open on its own…


Park, Park, Park!

Every single day. After dinner we go to the park where our NO. 1 is in heaven!


Have I mentioned that every day we go to the park?! 😉


On Tuesday I baked challah for the first time in my life and it was so delicious!!! While I was taking pictures of it No. 1 was stealing a piece after piece whenever I turned to do something else. I caught her red-handed 😉

but I couldn’t say NO to this smile:


Yesterday we spent our morning and early afternoon in the swimming pool. No. 1 is not afraid of the water anymore. Now it’s the opposite. She doesn’t want to get out. I got so tired of swimming with her so I sat on the edge of the swimming pool and was pulling her back and forth until my arms got tired, then it was time to go home…

Photo Art Friday

but she didn’t want to:


One of those pictures from “whatever” series when I just need to take a picture but there is nothing interesting going on.

A mirror or the blinds always rescue me in those moments.

Hope you have a great weekend, my friends!

Hope to see you next week in a much better mood!

51 thoughts on “365 Self-Portrait Project (week 24th)

Add yours

  1. I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling your best! I am sending you positive vibes in the hopes things set themselves right soon.

    I really like that last photo! This is a really cool project and I wish you luck with the rest of it.


  2. My goodness! I think we can have the show together! coz we have almost the same picture! especially…the last one! on the window black and white!!! ~___*…and we can call the theme of the show is: differences in the same same.,,…


  3. You always have so many wonderful shots! I love the one that is the silhouette of your arms and legs. The one you have made to look vintage is great! Thanks for sharing with Photo Art Friday.


    1. Thank you, Bonnie!
      You know, something really funny happened with the vintage photo because I totally forgot that the this week theme of your link-up was “vintage” and after I edited this photo (just as it is) I looked at your blog and saw the theme! 🙂


  4. Being a full time mommy is rewarding ( in the long run), but sometimes the day to day stuff can be a bit tedious… tiring. Maybe you need a short break, a mommy day only, and not feel as if you don’t HAVE to do something you aren’t in the mood for. Just take yourself out for a fun day for you. amazing how much that can “perk you up”. Very nice shots though , even though your were not in the mood. Hang in there!


    1. thank you for you sweet comment! we do plan to do something fun this weekend. It won’t be only “me” time but it sounds like it’s going to be really relaxing anyway. Next week I probably will go for a VERY early morning walk… just me and my camera! that will perk me up FOR SURE!!!


  5. I think you’ve done a fantastic job on this project. I’m not sure I could have handled it as long as you have. – I really like the “vintage” feel you gave to your PAF entry.


  6. As a mother, you’re entitled to any mood that shows up on your doorstep…I remember those days of constant exhaustion and park visits! I love your honesty, and your photos are lovely and real. Thank you for sharing – your vintage photo truly looks vintage!


    1. honesty is a key word in this project. without it I wouldn’t be able to keep going with it. It adds a different dimension, the dimension of real life in which sometimes it’s ok to be sad, mad or just tired… .
      thank you so much for your beautiful comment!!! I truly appreciate words of such an encouragement!


  7. First – congrats on the website being noted by Forbes- that’s pretty awesome!!! Second, sometimes we have to embrace the “blah” before we can embrace the blue skies. Last, I think all of your photos are wonderful -as always-!


    1. Jennifer, the founder of the Moms Blog have worked really hard to make that happen. it’s a really great website and I am very happy to be a part of it 🙂

      As for embracing the “blah”, it’s harder that I thought… I wish it was a little easier!


    1. dziękuję, Paweł. Jak bardzo to wszystko dziwne, że zdjęcie, które było prawie że nie do pokazania…(bo totalnie kolory zwalone i balans bieli i ziarnistość okropna) przemieniło się w hit 🙂


  8. Cool blog. Hope things pick up for you soon. We would like to post one or more of your foot photographs at toemail. We just need to know the location of the picture. No watermarks are preferred as we link back to your blog anyway. And any story behind the picture is always welcome too. It’s your choice :)!


  9. Sounds like you could use a flash forward. 25 years from now you will wonder where the time went. This in no way makes it any easier, it is just an interesting phenomenon. I won’t tell if you don’t take a photo…

    I love the sepia one of you by the pool. This is a silly question, but does your husband take these? Stay well.


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