365 Self-portrait Project (week 23rd)

It’s been a hot week here and finally they opened on old playground near us which was closed for almost 9 months because of complete re-doing. I haven’t seen this place (or any other playground) so packed with running and yelling kids. It appeared that the generation of today’s kids still can jump, run and swing. I thought that it’s a long time forgotten skill 😉

This park is walking distance from us so each day before or after dinner when the weather cools down we walk down to the park where for an hour or so our NO. 1 is in a hog heaven!


That’s exactly what we did last Thursday. We went to the park. While my husband was running after NO. 1 I was watching them and freezing my butt off. The weather here is so crazy. Sometimes I hate it. It’s so hot during the day and when it comes to around sunset the temperature drops and it gets really cold, especially with the wind blowing. Ugh…

Watching all those kids (and adults) running in their shorts and short sleeve t-shirts I was getting even more cold. My husband always makes fun of me that being raised in such a cold country strangely I have no immunity to the cold.

by the way, Poland is not that cold. It snows there during the Winter and rains in Fall but other than that I would say it’s pretty nice. People always think that Poland is like Siberia but it’s not!

It still doesn’t change the fact that I hate the cold!


Next evening, at the park, as well. We went there a bit earlier so it hadn’t gotten cold yet, but at the end I got cold again and wanted to go home what wasn’t that easy with our NO. 1 enjoying all the fun things around. We had to bribe her with the vision of a yogurt and cheerios waiting for her at the house 😉

It worked!

Two things she loves: swing and slide. Nothing else matters.


On Saturday, at the park, again.

This time we went there before noon and the weather was just gorgeous.

While No. 1 was running like crazy around the playground…

… enjoying the warm weather I lied down on the grass with NO 2.

Of course, the Big Sister always cares about the well-being of her Little Sis. She always says: “you ok, baby?” and when No. 2 is crying she asks: “whats wong, baby?” (yes, she skips the “r”). The cutest thing ever.


An hour of free time in my hands turned into this photo (and a few more, but this one I like the best).


Killing boredom during one of those long night feedings I played with textures and ended up with this:

using Bonnie’s texture: “Memories of Paris”

I like it enough to post two almost the same pictures. I just couldn’t pick one. I like them both. With and without the texture.

Photo Art Friday365/159

Every time I go outside, to water the plants, to go to do the laundry, to check the water temperature in the swimming pool, to take a picture… SHE ALWAYS RUNS after me wanting to go, too! Running towards the door she yells at dad: “bye bye” and off she goes with me.


Yesterday I went almost all day without thinking about this project AT ALL. All the sudden at 10:30 pm (!!!) I remembered. Had no freaking idea what to do.

There is a long story behind this picture which was waiting for a different moment and more time to prepare myself for this shot. From the day I started this project I knew I want to recreate an image from Stephen King’s “the Shining” book’s cover (Polish edition). This cover wouldn’t let me fall asleep if the book’s cover wasn’t facing down on my desk after I read it before going to bed. I used be addicted to S. King’s and D.R. Koontz books when I was a teenager.  

I hope I will approach this idea one more time as this one is not what I have in my head.


Enjoying my book. Funny and really entertaining. I know that there is a movie with Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson (I can’t stand this guy, by the way!!!) based on this book. I found out about this book reading Cesar Millan’s book “Be the pack leader” last month. I am in a mood for doggy books lately 😉

That’s for now, my friends. I will drag my tired self to the kitchen to make a new cup of green tea!

by the way, for those who breastfeeding in public is an issue worth to discuss, please join the dialog under my post for World Moms Blog : “Poland via USA: Breastfeeding in public?”.

Give me your best shot at Better in BulkPhotoStory Friday

42 responses to “365 Self-portrait Project (week 23rd)”

  1. I like them both too! And I like every other shot in this sweet, summer family-time montage. What a fabulous document you are creating of your young family. Thank you for sharing it with Photo Art Friday, Mom Photographer!


    1. thank you for the inspiration, Bonnie, and thank you for you beautiful comment!


  2. Hey there P Mom P… I really love the self portrait images Photo Art Friday. The one with out layers is a classic black and white shot. The one with layers takes on the look of a painting. I am torn. Like you I enjoy both looks. Layers are so much fun.

    I cannot imagine being able to work on photos and breast feed. I would have loved that … 30 years ago when mine were small. I cannot believe there is still a controversy over breast feeding in public. I did not get a lot of grief over in back in 1980 and 1983. But I was too cheap to pay out for formula. It was actually sad when my son finished nursing- I like the closeness and having boobs was nice too.,

    (and just a small note – it is kind of tricky to find where your comments button is..or maybe I am just old- maybe if it was a brighter color or something…:-)


    1. I guess, I am cheap, too. I had to use formula for a few months with our No. 1 but hopefully I will be able to breastfeed as long as it takes to put No. 2 straight on a solid food diet without having feed her with formula. Those prices are outrageous!!!
      I do like to breastfeed and I don’t mind doing so in public BUT I am pretty upset for all the reaction I have gotten so far.

      As for the “comments” button I know it’s kinda hard. It have been pointed to me a few times before. I am sorry about that. I am going to change it. thank you for your input!


      1. Obviously people still find it to comment- ( I did ) and now I know where the button is -so don’t worry about it..

        I am really sorry there is such an issue around breast feeding… I am glad it was not such a big deal 30 years ago.


  3. Great images! I love the Photo Art Friday ones.


  4. visiting from PAF. Your self portrait is gorgeous.


  5. swietnie!!! kurcze brakuje mi slow… kolejna wspaniala seria, tyle w niej czulosci i emocji!!! Uwielbiam Twoje prace!!!!


    1. jak zwykle, dziękuję bardzo za miły komentarz i z góry przepraszam, że zaniedbałam odwiedzanie Twojego bloga, trochę zawalona obowiązkami jestem… mam nadzięję wkrótce nadrobić zaległości! 🙂
      pozdrawiam serdecznie!


      1. nie ma za co przepraszac, ja rozumiem ze dla mamy z dwojka dzieci nie jest latwo i napewno brakuje czasu na wszystko 🙂 tak czy siak dziekuje za napisalas 🙂


        1. 🙂 dzięki za wyrozumiałość! miłego dnia życzę!!!


  6. Just wanted to say I found you on the blog hop and am your latest follower. I take lots of pictures and need to learn how to take them better and be more creative. I think I found the blog for that.

    Please visit my blog when you have time and follow back if you like it.

    One Chic Mom


    1. thank you so much for your visit and I am flattered with your comment 🙂


  7. Nice selfies. Very soft and lovely. Happy weekend to you.


    1. Happy weekend to you, too!


  8. It seems like you and me share an issue with the cold. I too suffer terribly from the cold, when most other people are saying it is OK I am usually shivering and putting on an extra jumper.



    1. Cold is a terrible thing. I just hate it. I am so depressed when I’m cold. It’s unbelievable how I react on the temperature around me.


  9. Wonderful photo’s. The are delightful. Your girls are so adorable.
    Loved both your Selfies this week. The texture does make it look like a painting and I think you have gorgeous eyes.


    1. Ida, thank you so much for your kind comment 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!


  10. Thank you for dropping by my Photo Art Friday post! I’m fascinated with your willingness to take on a daily challenge as you have done…particularly with a new baby! Darling children….the hair on the baby is amazing! I’m curious as to how you are taking so many photos of yourself, even at the playground!


    1. thank you so much for visiting back !
      as for taking pictures at the park I use benches or my stroller as a tripod. that way I don’t have to deal with folding and unfolding the real tripod and I don’t draw any attention of the people around me.


  11. I love them all! but the one where you and No. 1 are sort of looking out at the pool… ahhhh, that fat baby bottom! Too cute!! But the ones of No. 2 laying in the grass are amazing too! Have a great weekend!


    1. babies bodies are so cute, aren’t they 😉 Have a great weekend, as well 🙂


  12. Sweet photos. Valerie


    1. thank you so much, Valerie!


  13. You have so many great pictures in your post! Like them a lot! The one with “Memories of Paris” texture is wonderful!
    Have a nice weekend:)


    1. thank you so much for you comment! ‘m really glad you like this post 🙂 have a wonderful week yourself!!!


  14. You did an excellent job with the last two especially in demonstrating the negative space concept…lovely photo of you with the children’s feet!


  15. Lovely day at the park, I see.
    I am also a big fan of Koontz.
    What about breast feeding?
    If done with tact, it is pretty harmless.


    1. thanks for visiting back 🙂
      as for the breastfeeding… I think it’s pretty harmless in any single case.
      hugs back!


  16. I like them both as well. Your photos are treasures.


  17. Beautiful shots!! I lost track of my favorites there were so many but I loved the shot with the hands! Thanks for linking up. 🙂


  18. I think I like the first self portrait the best. Very classic looking in black and white!

    Thanks for linking up. Be sure to join in next week when our regular judges will be back. We are still voting on facebook this week, one last time.


  19. The shots in the grass are beautiful!


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