Memories captured

Yesterday I talked on Skype with my parents in Poland. A few weeks back they had their big anniversary and my sister made them a photo book. While my mom was going through it trying to show me the pictures my sister used in it I realized how just a few pictures we have from our childhood. All of us. My parents have almost non. Me and my siblings have just a few. Maybe a little more than a few but still… .

My 1 month old daughter already has more pictures than I had have taken from the period when I was newborn till about 15.

I do believe that pictures are a big part of our lives. They should be really treasured and we shouldn’t be afraid to stand in front of the camera just to capture the present moment in order to keep it for our future. Someday it will help us to get back, remember and cherish the moments from our life.  There is so many memories lost because we don’t have anything what would help us to remember. In my case I do not have many pictures from when I was young and pretty 😉

These days, though, I’m trying to cover this hole with my 365 Self-Portrait Project and it’s been going pretty good so far.

As for my kids I try to take as many pictures as I can so someday they will be able to look back at those precious moments and faces. I hope they will be able to fill more than one photo book with them 🙂

When our No 2 was born, the first week or so I was all about taking pictures of her. Newborn, newborn and newborn everywhere and all the time. I felt like I am pushing our No 1 away just to focus on the newborn.

These days I’m getting back to normal. I try to give each of my daughters the same amount of time with the same amount of pictures taken 🙂

It’s hard though as our New Family Addition needs much more attention and time then her Big Sister. I keep asking myself: do I do it right? do I make her feel loved enough? do I spent enough time with her so she doesn’t feel jealous and pushed away?


look at her, does she look pushed away, rejected ?

So far she works really hard for the name “Big Sister”. She’s got her ups and downs but more often it looks like she really likes her Little Sister.

The kisses and hugs she gives her now and then are the most cutest things ever and she is not even asked to do that.

… and the Little One. She is cute and she knows it 🙂 All the attention she gets… she’s simply being spoiled.

Hugs from our quiet corner (baby’s finally asleep in HER BED).

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5 responses to “Memories captured”

  1. They look very much alike, the two of them ❤ and cute as always.


  2. Great pictures! I think it is great that we can take so many pictures now, although sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the volume of pictures. It’s amazing how much technology has changed in the last ten years to allow us to document any moment we choose. Such a change from our parents’ and grandparents’ experiences.


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