Whipped coconut oil-cocoa butter body cream

Since the day I made my first cream from coconut oil I am in love in it. In coconut oil, I mean. It works wonderful and it smells pretty darn good, too.

Lately I run out of my last homemade body lotion and at the same time I run out of emulsifying wax as well, so I went without any lotion for a while.

Looking for an inspiration for a new homemade cosmetic I came across Whipped Coconut Oil Body Butter. I instantly fell in love in this VERY SIMPLE recipe. So I’d decided to make it.  

By that time I didn’t have KitchenAid just a simple electric hand mixer.

The recipe is simple. You pour a certain amount of coconut oil to a bowl and whip it until it looks like whipped cream.

So, the first time it took me about 30 minutes to finally give up on this project. I whipped and whipped and whipped and the consistency hadn’t changed almost at all. I thought the cocoa butter I added to the mixture was the main problem. I ended up with something that had the raw honey consistency. I used it all anyway.

A few days ago I decided to try it again. This time in my KitchenAid. I thought: “oh well, at least this time I don’t have to stand and hold it for so long. I’ll just turn in on and leave to do something else.”

And I did that.

I pour about 1/4 cup of coconut oil to the mixing bowl, turned the mixer on and went to play with my kids. After about 10 minutes It looked at it and there was almost no changes in the oil. I turned a little more white and it looked more thick.This time I’d decided not to give up so easily.

I turned the mixer off and put the bowl to the fridge for about 5 minutes. It was a really hot day when I was making it so I thought maybe the warm temperature at the house is the main problem why my oil doesn’t want to get thick.

After 5 minutes in the fridge I whipped it again for about 5 minutes. Turned it off and put it back to the fridge for 5 minutes. While the oil was in the fridge I melted 2 oz cocoa butter (over double boiler). When it melted I put it to the fridge to cool it down and I took the bowl with coconut oil out.

This time while whipping the consistency finally started to change and it got to the point where it looked like that:

And then I got very excited. FINALLY!!!

It smelled wonderful. Just like a coconut. The scent was so vivid and strong. Normally you can’t smell that coconut strong scent in regular coconut oil but when you whip it, oh… it’s just amazing. I love it!!!

At this point I took the cocoa butter from the fridge, it was cold but not hard, it had the consistency of honey, and I added it to the bowl with whipped coconut oil.

Then I added about 6 capsules of vitamin E and a few drops of grapefruit essential oil and whipped it for additional 5 minutes.

This is what I ended up with: smooth and silky whipped cream that smelled like coconut. 

The thing is that I do store it in the fridge and at this point it’s hardened. It didn’t stay soft and silky. I didn’t want to keep it in room temperature because I am afraid it will melt in this hot weather we’ve got here. 

Now it has the consistency more like a hard butter. It’s not REALLY hard but I need a spoon or a knife to scoop it out from the jar. Whenever I take a shower I take that jar with me so it gets softer in the moist and hot bathroom environment and after that it’s easier to scoop it out. 

It’s easy to apply on my body because as soon as it touches the skin it melts beautifully and it’s absorbs really good, too.

So far I think, I have found my second favorite recipe for body lotion 🙂

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13 responses to “Whipped coconut oil-cocoa butter body cream”

  1. I’m always using coco butter, and this sounds like it would be a lovely gift! I’m sure if you just let it sit out at room temperature it will be okay. Thanks so much for sharing.


    1. I just took it out from the fridge and I’m planning to give it a try in room temperature. Will see how it reacts! 🙂


  2. sounds interesting! and you got some great photos of it too 🙂


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  4. This sounds great. We can’t wait to try it. We are so glad to have you join us for our “Strut Your Stuff Saturday”. See you again next week!! -The Sisters


  5. Hi Did you try it at room temperature? I live in the UK and it’s summer here at the moment so around 16 degrees centigrade. Do you think it would melt if I left it out?


    1. yes! I actually left it outside and it melted. I had to whip it again!


  6. I place my glass container on the A/C vent in the bathroom. This way the air cools it and keeps the lotion a nice firmer consistency but not too liquidy ( is that a word?). And it is handy, I don’t have to remember to get it out of the refrigerator before i shower!! Although, if it is the dead of summer, there is nothing that will keep it from being liquidfied except the fridge!


  7. Wow! I will have to try this out. It seems like such an indulgent treat. Can’t wait to pamper myself! It seems like this would work wonders on dry wintery skin. Have you had much success with this conquering dry skin?

    Thanks so much for linking up this week on the Happy Hello on Holistic Homemaking.


  8. I love whipped butter too! :)) Try mixing the coconut oil with some oil and you’ll see that the texture changes and it won’t be so hard any longer even if kept in the fridge 🙂


    1. Really, didn’t know that! I will try that for sure the next time I make it! Thank you for your advice!


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