I am Mom Enough!!!

Breastfeeding is not a macho test of motherhood, with the winner being the one who nurses the longest. In fact there ARE no macho tests of motherhood. Motherhood is — should be — a village, where we explore each other’s choices, learn from them, respect them, and then go off and make our own. [source]

No matter how long I breastfed my No 1 and no matter how long it’s going to take me with the No 2, I’ll be always enough!ย 

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48 thoughts on “I am Mom Enough!!!

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      1. Oh, I totally get that! …and it looks fabulous with it and certainly makes a statement…. Just looking beneath it though….as always…a beautifully captured photo of YOU…by YOU! Keep em’ coming! ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. I completely agree. The important thing is that we do what is best for our children & our families. It may not be what someone else would choose- but they have the right to do things differently if they want.


    1. we learn how to be mothers through our instinct. there is no school to teach us how to be one. we are all different as well as our children. if we don’t breasfeed it doesn’t mean we are less of a mother than somebody who does…, and breastfeeding is only a small part of the entire motherhood!!!


  2. thank you so much for linking up last week! sorry i’m only commenting now. thanks for sharing what’s on your heart! xoxo.


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