Delicious creaminess: avocado-spinach-cucumber smoothie

Fast and easy with not a lot to prepare before and to clean after… . That is my motto these days if it comes to food. If it tastes delicious it’s even better 😉

Having this motto in my mind I came up with a super delicious and creamy avocado-spinach-cucumber smoothie. I had no idea how good cucumberis for us and how much freshness it brings when blended into a smoothie.

Yesterday I fixed myself this smoothie for dinner.

I’m trying to lose my extra pounds that are seem to hold on to me for dear life. No wonder… if you look at those pictures below you’ll see not only the smoothie but a fresh-baked apple pie. I say, if it’s made with brown sugar and whole wheat flour it means it’s good for me and I feel less guilty eating it, untill I look at the mirror… .

btw, it’s a kid friendly dish with no questions asked.


I ate a whole jar of that smoothie and after I finished it I was THAT close to make another one but then I thought: “pie or another jar of smoothie”. Pie won.

This morning I couldn’t wait to fix myself the same smoothie with a few changes. 


3/4 cup vanilla yogurt, (plain will do just fine, but using it you may want to add more honey or dates) *

1 big orange

1 avocado

1/2 medium english cucumber,

BIG handful spinach

2 Tbsp honey (or more, if you like) **

* if it’s too thick add a smal amount of pineapple juice (or whatever juice you like)

** the second time (today) I made it using dates (about 12) instead of the honey. Liked it better with the honey.

Blend it all together until creamy and smooth. It will take more time to get that consistency if you’re using dates. That’s why I didn’t like it that much as with honey because I ended up with very small, not blended very well pieces of dates in my smoothie.

… and that’s how we were working today in order to take those delicious pictures 😉

The weather is just gorgeous here, perfect for a green and refreshing treat like this smoothie!

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18 responses to “Delicious creaminess: avocado-spinach-cucumber smoothie”

  1. smoothies are for smooth mommies–the weight will soon come off when sleep and catnaps relax your body…both baby and you are being so energized and nourished by these veges and fruits.
    dates are for texture in pies and cookies…the pie is as much for the psyche as for food value…a much needed component of mamahood…


    1. oh Nadine, you always make me smile. thank you!


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  3. This looks interesting! I’ve been experimenting with spinach smoothies, but haven’t tried using cucumber. I also use coconut or almond milk instead of yogurt so I can make a few smoothies ahead of time.


    1. I make my own coconut and almond milk for smoothies and I LOVE it. I used yogurt because I’m out of coconut and almonds. need to go grocery shopping 🙂


  4. I’m usually leery of anything green that is NOT a vegetable, but the ingredients sound quite yummy! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


    1. if you’re not used to avocado smoothies you might want to use only half with an additional half of a banana.


  5. Not only am I smitten with your photography but I like the way you think! I’m a big fan of simple, no muss, healthy food. I’m also a big fan of cucumber!!! It is a variable fountain of youth in a small, green vegetable. That smoothie you made looks and sounds delicious – healthy in countless ways! Last, stop being hard on yourself – you are a beautiful woman that just made your second beautiful child. 🙂 Those few extra pounds will fall off before you know it!


    1. Wendy, I’ve always liked the idea of quick, easy and not messy meals (that’s why we invested in slow cooker a few months ago) but these days it’s just necessity if I want to stay sane 😉
      and with those extra pounds its just that with our first one I woke up after the c-section and my weight was even smaller than when I got pregnant. You wouldn’t say I was still pregnant a few hours earlier.
      Now it’s a little different but I do not loose sleep over it or maybe just a little, but with comments like yours ar Nadine’s I feel much better about it! thank you!


  6. Hi! I’m visiting from the Heart and Soul Blog Hop. I like the way you think. I have been in a smoothie kick lately and I am loving it. I actually tried a new one today, see if you like it: just add red swiss chard, mangoes, and rapsberries. I really like the flavor of this one. Again, easy and no clean up before or after! 🙂


    1. thank you for visiting and for sharing you recipe. I’m going to try it out as soon as I go grocery shopping 🙂


  7. 21stcenturyhousewife Avatar

    Brown sugar and whole wheat flour definitely make things good for you…at least that’s what I’ve always believed! Your smoothie looks so refreshing and delicious. I did not realise how good cucumber was for you, but I do love it!


    1. thank you for the confirmation of the way I think! 😉
      this smoothie may sound a little weird but it’s actually really tasty sweet with a hint of freshness from the cucumber !


  8. You have me intrigued with all the green going into that smoothie. I have been drinking spinach smoothies too, to try to cut some calories!! I love that you said the pie won out over another smoothie!!! Sounds like me;-)


  9. Nice use of avocado. It would be super if you linked this post in to Food on Friday Series which is all about avocado this week.


  10. The colour on this is just fantastic. Thanks for linking in to Food on Friday. Have a good day.


    1. and it’s really refreshing, too 🙂 great for warm days!


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