Mystery Spot

Yesterday we took advantage of that gorgeous Summer weather and we went to Santa Cruz. We had planned trip to San Francisco but we changed it.

We wanted to do something fun for my b-day…

…and we did.

… and it was fun.

but not so much for me as for those who was watching us.

We went to the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz.

Everything was going pretty smooth until we started out tour. Sorry but I won’t explain why everything up there works as it does. I wasn’t paying much attention to what the tour guy was saying because our No 1 was doing everything she could to not let me to listen.

I actually don’t blame her. On this so called “gravity hill” it was hard to walk or stand straight even for adults.

I wish we had planned it differently so we would’ve enjoyed that place a bit more and for a longer period. It’s a beautiful place out there as Santa Cruz itself is.

Scattered Horizons

After a few minutes of being there our No 1 got really upset of not being able to keep her balance. And at the same time as a two year old  she wanted to go where she wanted not where we were going (yep, she got her “terrible two” moments up there). It was just impossible to make her stop whining! 

… and the only picture of me I ended up from that trip is taken in a hurry, while packing everybody to the car, self-portrait 🙂

Despite all the bruises our daughter got from falling straight on her face she finished the day with a big smile. 

Oh well, without all those ups and downs that day wouldn’t be so memorable, I guess 😉

Live, Love, Travel

19 thoughts on “Mystery Spot

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  1. Happy birthday! this sounds amazing!! i am sure in a couple of years your daughter will absolutely love it.
    Hugs to you
    ps: thanks SO much for your lovely comments, made me smile 🙂


  2. wow that house is so trippy! I had no idea that place existed! I live about 4 hours away, but I’ll have to make a road trip up there some day! Hope you still make it to San Francisco, it’s one of my favorite cities!


  3. love Santa Cruz, was going to study broadcasting there, but life made other plans..never heard of mystery spot, will go there (online) it seems very this adult..sorry for the younger one’s discomfort..celebrate all you can, while you may, happy mom stuff to you, ns


  4. I’ve never seen anything like this. How on earth did they build a house there? CRAZY. Like something out of that show LOST. And the meltdown. Loved the picture!! I haven’t been on here and had to catch up on your life!!


    1. as I said, I didn’t hear much of the tour guy was saying about this place so I can’t explain. Though they actually don’t say much about the REAL reason… they try to make it sound really mysterious so I actually would’ve been better informed about it if I read stuff on the Internet 😉


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