365 Self-Portrait Project (week 16)

Last week was pretty stressful for me.


Last Friday I had my stitches removed and the same day we were told our Little Sleeping Beauty is loosing too much weight. It made the post-pregnant and still very emotional myself very upset. Today everything is back to normal and we are all happy again 🙂


On Saturday while trying to take some shots I had to deal with my daughter running back and forth in front of the camera. This is the best shot I ended up with. Pretty much the perfect shot for Urban Muser’s theme for this month: “shake it out” 😉

Photo Art Friday365/108

I love my camera. Can you tell.

I have more shots from this “session” that I plan to put together as one separate post. I probably will write it sometime this week.

Most of my self-portraits are very spontaneous. I do not think about them. I just go with my day as it comes and in a particular moment when I remember about this project or when I think I’m doing something that’s worth to be captured I just take my camera and shoot.

Sometimes when I’m totally out of ideas I take the camera, point it at myself and start shooting until I get something that’s interesting or until I get tired 🙂


Enjoying our quiet time.

It’s crazy how our Little Not Eating Enough Girl in one week has turned into Not Wanting to Sleep and Eating Every 10 minutes. Today I can’t have anything done without me holding her while: 

making breakfast,



doing laundry,

or simply hearing her screaming for some attention or my boob 😉

Better this than me trying to wake her up for every feeding with no success and her loosing weight because of that.


We’re having pretty nice weather lately and I try to sit on the sun from time to time to give some vitamin D to our newborn who still has some jaundice.


Watching cartoons, “Cat in the Hat”, and eating breakfast: avocado-dates-peanut butter pudding.


For quite sometime I had planned to avoid shots where my stomach is shown.

Then I thought: That’s ridiculous! I just had a baby so why should I be ashamed of my body. There is nothing wrong with it.

btw, I was making delicious apple cupcakes 

Not the best but pretty good 🙂


This should be called “The things I never wear”.

It’s been SOOOOOOOOOOOOO long I had some nice necklace or a nice high heel shoes on me.

I actually do not wear hight heels but I have a few pairs, just in case.

In The Picture

48 thoughts on “365 Self-Portrait Project (week 16)

Add yours

    1. hahaha! Paweł, używam szafy, krzesła, stołki, kawałek podłogi czy stół jako statyw. to mi daje ciekawszy efekt końcowy niż używanie statywu. w sumie nie jest to najłatwiejsze , w szczególności kiedy nie ma się zdalnego wyzwalacza, ale daję radę. trochę się przy tym nabiegam i nachodzę w to i z powrotem, ale trochę ruchu jeszcze nikomu nie zaszkodziło 😉



        1. Dzięki wielkie za miły komentarz.
          Wiesz, ten projekt życie mi uciekawił (nie że aż takie nudne wcześniej było ;p) i to bardzo.
          Na początku się bałam i przejmowałam tym jak wyglądam i jak zrobić żeby dobrze wyglądać. Teraz to jest czysta zabawa i sama przyjemność.
          Każdej osobie z niską samooceną poleciła bym taką właśnie terapię… 🙂


          1. zaskakujesz mnie na kazdym kroku. podziwiam Cie bardzo. Ja to bym np tak nie potrafil jak Ty, ale niedlugo cos wrzuce to zobaczysz to ja zrobilem sjak sie pewnego dnia nudzilem 🙂 Osobiscie wole fotografowac innych ludzi…
            Kurcze tak patrze na te twoje zdjecia i w zyciu bym nie pomyslal ze tyle wkladasz w to pracy, wszystko wyglada tak naturalnie!!! Kazdy kadr przemyslany… jestes genialna!!!


  1. No więc Paweł, na imię mi Ewa 🙂 co jest niemożliwie ciężkim do poprawnego wypowiedzenia dla Amerykanów imieniem.
    odkąd tutaj jestem to jeszcze ani razu nikt nie zrobił tego poprawnie, więc powoli przyzwyczajam się do imienia Iła 😉

    Ja osobiście to lubię fotografować dzieci albo jedzonko. Z ludźmi (starszymi niż dzieci :p) mi to średnio na jeża wychodzi, bo nie jestem za bardzo otwarta i towarzyska, chyba że ze znajomymi pracuje 🙂

    No a co do tych moich autoportretów to w sumie są one trochę przemyślane. Czasami mi pomysł przychodzi dopiero w trakcie robienia innych zdjęć, jak w przypadku zdjęcia nr 108. Zaczęłam tak sobie pstrykać, a zakończyłam na całkiem przemyślanym zdjęciu.


  2. As always your Self-Portrait series is well done. I like the piece you used for PAF – It has a poignant feel about it that is rather appealing.


  3. These are lovely! My favorite is the 365/107 image. Love how that turned out! I’m curious about whether or not you use a tripod for your self-portraits. Thanks! 🙂


    1. Melody, I do use tripod. Sometimes. In this week series I didn’t use it at all. Many pictures I use from the lenght of my arms. For many I use my dinning table (like for the picture no 111 and 112). For pic. no 107 I used a chair (I could have used a tripod but I didn’t want to deal with it). The first shot (no 106) I put the camera on the doctor’s desk when he was out of the room. For 110 I used small folding computer table I put that camera on. Much faster and easier than using a tripod.
      the things is that every time I take my tripod out my older daughter gets all excited and she doesn’t want to “model” anymore. She wants to play with it and she wants be on the other side when I want her to be in the picture. Without using the tripod I can be more sneaky about taking pictures and sometimes she doesn’t even notice 😉


  4. congrats on the new baby! you amaze me that you still got so many great shots even with the new addition taking up so much of your time. i love your “shake it out” image with your daughter running through. brilliant! thanks for linking up at {in the picture} this month!


  5. beautiful shots…motherhood so perfectly captured! my favorite is the one of you making apple cupcakes, oh…and the heels….FABULOUS!


  6. perfect emotion portrayed in every last one. I do hope your little angel is on the up and up very soon.

    p.s. Would have e-mailed you this question but couldn’t find an address (cos I’m lame and bad at searching) but aside from being a Nikon what model is your lovely camera if you don’t mind me asking?


    1. Kat, I do have Nikon D5000. I really like it. It’s maybe not the best camera ever but it’s so comfortable to work with. It’s light, relatively small and I just LOVE the tilting screen!!!
      thank you for visiting!


  7. Your photos are absolutely beautiful! Love the movement one for this month’s in the picture link up. Congratulations on the new baby – precious. Thanks for visiting my world this month.


  8. This image with your daughter running in front is so special. I bet you couldn’t have achieved a better example than this one. Serendipity!


  9. What an artistic shot with her running in front of the camera with you in the background. Awesome shot! My favorite was the three of you eating breakfast and she had it all over her little face. And that baby has so much hair!
    I was very proud of you for taking a full length picture. I think you look beautiful. I’m going to have to get me some leggings like that to look cool during my pregnancy! 🙂


    1. Jennifer, those leggins rock!!! I wear them as often as I can. The are so comfortable and you can wearccthem with almost anything. During last pregnancy I had something like a repulsion for wearing many clothes. I hated to feel them on my skin and for most of the time I would wear those leggins or one my my long skirts and a few t-shirts. Those were the only clothers I could wear withouth feeling aweful.
      And yes, she’s got so much hair… that’s why I had such a bad heartburn. People say that if you have heartburn it means that your baby is hairy. I had horrible heartburn with both of them and they came out SO HAIRY!!!
      How are you feeling, btw!?!


      1. I did not know that about the hair! LOL! Yesterday I felt good all day! Today it’s already 1:00 pm and I’m still feeling pretty good. Last week, I only had 2 good days out of 7 where I could even get up and do anything. My daily goal is to make dinner. That’s about it! Today I was bound and determined to check email. I have to respond to your last one. It made me feel SO much better, I started crying! I’m going to write you back today!


        1. take your time, Jennifer, I totally understand how you feel and if you don’t have the energy to write just don’t worry about it!!!
          as for the cooking: use your crock pot, Crock Pot Lady!!! 😉
          Hang in there. It will be over soon! You’ll see that after the baby is born you’ll be nothing than surprised how fast the pregnancy flew by!!!


  10. Visiting from Bonnie’s PAF – your photos are always lovely and have been wondering how things were/are going. Appears very well. Everyone is beautiful. Hugs from Alaska. Karen


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