Self-Portrait 365 Project (week 11th)


… I barely made it this week.

I am not thinking about leaving this project but it seems like if nothing will change it might happen. I don’t want that to happen because I really enjoy it. It became a part of my everyday life.

Will see.

So far I keep going and this is what I took this last week.


Yep, I am a Nikon Girl and nothing is going to change it 🙂


My daughter playing with my hair, actually pulling it really hard. That was painful but worth the picture 🙂


On Monday I had a doctor’s appointment and I think that her asking me about contractions and talking about early labor put something in my head because a few hours after we left I went to an early labor. I didn’t know that it was happening then so we waited till the next day.


Counting my contractions. It appeared that I wrote down only one in about 4 contractions that were happening every hour. I was told that in the hospital where we finally got late in the afternoon.


We got home from the hospital a little after midnight. The next day I got up and my husband went to pick up our daughter from a friend’s house. She stayed there for the night and I really appreciate that. It made everything much easier.

Two more self-portraits from that day and a story what happened in the hospital here.


I call this picture  “Bed rest”. I sit on the bed for a few minutes every day – resting 😉


Beautiful weather today. After I’ve taken a few shots I got a contraction (actually a few) so I had to stop and go with what I had taken.

I keep my fingers crosse that next week on Friday I’ll have at least 7 more pictures for this project to share them with you.

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51 thoughts on “Self-Portrait 365 Project (week 11th)

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  1. Although I have done several Project365s and a couple of Project52s,
    I cannot imagine doing 365 self-portraits.
    I think what you are doing is very worthwhile; it will be like a documentary of a year of your life.
    Your children and grandchildren and beyond will cherish this insight into your daily life.
    (and just from the photos in this post, you are very creative!)


    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, Deb! This is my second attempt to 365 project. I failed the first one after about a month of doing it. It wasn’t self-portraits, though. This time is much more fun and interesting.


  2. This is a great series of photographs!
    I especially love “Bed Rest.”
    I am a Nikon gal too!
    Sending you wishes for a wonderful weekend!


  3. LOVE these & I am SO impressed that with all you have going on that you have been able to keep this up every day. I’m so excited to hear how things are going. I’m sure the suspense is agonizing.


    1. Thank you so much. You know, I just can’t have the time and motivation to “stage” most of those self-portraits. Sometimes it happens but very it’s very rare. The best way (and the fastest) is to just shoot whatever is happening during my day. I’m really glad you like them 🙂


  4. Your self portraits are very nice. I admire you for sticking to this project. It’s not something I would be comfortable with at all (I hate pictures of myself).


    1. Ida, I was the same way. I took me about a year to prepare for this project. Last year I started taking self-portraits but not too often though. I hated them, but as a person who likes to take a lot of pictures I wanted to feel more comfortable on the other site of the camera as well so I kept taking those selfies and this year when I decided to do this project I was actually afraid that it won’t last long becasue of my fears and dislikes… but with every week I became more open and more comfortable as well as I stopped critisise myself for the way I look or pose or whatever. If I don’t like something I simply crop it out or keep editing it to the point when I feel that I like the picture enough to share it.


    1. congrats on you Little One. and thank you for you sweet comment. I’m really glad you like those pictures. My biggest inspiration is my every day life… most of the time is boring so with those self-portraits I try to make it look more fun and more interesting… and that project itself make my everyday life more interesting, too.
      Hope your pregnancy will go smooth. The second one in my case was pretty ok comparing to my first one.


  5. Your posts are so thoughtful. I am enjoying it so much. I cannot image how you set up your camera for all of these wonderful photos. I have taken a number of self-portraits over the years – most of the time I’m not even in the photo!


  6. I’m going to be honest – I think most people that take photos of themselves and plaster them all over their blog are kind of cheesy (the photos, not necessarily the people. I haven’t had enough coffee yet to phrase things properly). However, your photos are absolutely stunning!!! I am in awe! 🙂


  7. I hope you have seven more pictures, too!

    And, thinking that your bed rest should last a little longer than a rest before getting up:)


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