365 Self-portrait Project – week 10th

… and it’s Friday.

… and it’s week 10th of my project which I have never though will last that long. The funny part of this project is that at the beginning I struggled with taking one photo a day… I didn’t have many ideas and it seemed to me like I was trying way too hard to be creative and to think out of the box. I felt like this project is some kind of competition so each and every photo needs to be perfect and… oh… ah… SO CREATIVE. I spent too much time each day thinking and worrying about it.

Today it looks so different. Sometimes I don’t take a picture till 11pm and I do not panic because of that what would have happened a few weeks ago if I did that.

Overthinking it I struggled with ONE photo a day. Today I struggle with picking ONE photo from many I’ve taken during the day. The perfect example of it is today’s post. I just couldn’t pick ONE. Like that triptych (365/67) with our dog. She was making such a funny faces that at the end I couldn’t decide which picture is the best example of her and her way of begging for some attention and love. Those three are only a small part of what she was doing, actually.

It was a lazy week. It’s been dark, cold, and rainy outside so altogether with the weather everything is cloudy. Mostly my mood. I feel heavier than ever and really tired all the time. A few days back I told my husband that I feel like I’m going to go into a labour much sooner than my surgery is scheduled for. Maybe it’s just because I am so uncomfortable that I wish it was over and that’s why I have all those thoughts. Who knows. Will see what happens.

So this is what I came up for this week:


Saturday. Bath time.


Sunday. One of those days: “Oh darn. I almost forgot…” So in this case there is almost always a mirror involved πŸ˜‰ This time I struggled so much with the top photo I was about to give up. I had something a little bit different in mind but I’m quite happy with the finall effect.


Here she is. Our Lady Di begging to be pet.


It’s been really cold so those are my comfy, warm socks I got as a gift from my friend a while ago. They always work altogether with hot green tea and Food Network. Comfort to my body and comfort to my soul πŸ˜‰


And again: late at night… it was right before midnight and I am not cheating here. They were taken BEFORE midnight πŸ™‚


Cup of tea and my glasses. And no, I wasn’t wearing them. As I said before. Rain and clouds. Sunglasses aren’t necessary. Even less necessary if you’re sitting indoors all the time. Although I really like to use them for photography purpose. While I was taking those pictures…

… my daughter got up from her nap…

… and she saw them…

… and she couldn’t take her hands off them… .

So we played for a while until I saw her trying to step on them… .

… and the play was over.


Today’s morning. After shower.

Hope you enjoyed them my friends and have a wonderful weekend. Ours is going to be pretty busy it seems like. So I better put my feet up, rest and enjoy the period of silence and empty home.

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29 thoughts on “365 Self-portrait Project – week 10th

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  1. You are going to treasure those pics of yourself. Great job!! I have noticed I am taking way more pictures through the day too, that I enjoy and could post. I hope that means I truly am getting better and more creative. LOL! Love the sunglasses by the way:)!


    1. thank you, Amanda! That is great that you feel that way about your photography. Sometimes I find myslef thinking about having another blog so I could post more pictures, but that’s not going to happen. I barely can keep up with this one. Thank you for visiting and stay inspired!


  2. I just love this project…well, the way YOU are doing it.

    My favorite is the one with the multiple reflections in the mirrors.


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