Almond milk dark chocolate peanut butter smoothie

I am not the biggest fan of drinking any kind of nut milk just by itself. When I had to stop breastfeeding for the first month I had to feed my daughter with almond and coconut milk because she wouldn’t drink the formula or cow milk. Btw, today she a milkaholic where milk means the real stuff 🙂

A few weeks ago, when I had to start taking iron supplement I’ve decided to change my diet a little bit, as well.

The easiest way for me was to make all kinds of smoothies but instead of regular milk or fruit juice I’ve decided to start using almond milk. Homemade almond milk. I buy all our nuts in bulk and the first few times I bought already blanched and cut almonds. Though, after comparing prices of not blanched and blanched (and cut) almonds I stopped acting lazy in this case 😉

The recipe couldn’t be any easier to make and to find on the Internet. So being a little redundant, here is the recipe:

1 cup raw almonds (soak overnight, peeled and rinsed)

3 cups of filtered (bottled) water

Blend, extract milk from the pulps by using a nut milk bag, a clothe, strainer…

Honestly I still don’t drink that milk by itself but in a smoothie is really delicious. I think, I’m hooked to it. In addition I do not strain pulps from the liquid. I love the thick texture and more nutty flavor it creates in smoothies. I did it once just to have a picture of it for this post 🙂

I kept it, though and later added to my smoothies.

As for the recipes I almost never remember the quantity of fruits and veggies I use. I always have the idea of what I want to incorporate in a smoothie and I follow the plan. Almost always, though, when I try it there is something missing in taste so I start adding a little bit of this and a little bit of that to make it taste better.

The same happened this time.

More or less the ingredients were:

1 cup of fresh made almond milk (with pulps, of course),

1 apple,

1/2 small banana,

1 Tbsp, fresh squeezed lemon juice (more if desired),

1/4 cup chia seeds,

1 Tbsp, Dark Chocolate Dreams,

fresh mint leaves, to garnish (they would work perfect if blended together, as well).

A little more about Dark Chocolate Dreams – I bought that stuff thinking that it will help me to eat more peanut butter but when I tasted it at home I didn’t like it at all. As a somebody who really doesn’t like throwing food away I kept it. Finally I found a great use for it. Smoothies. I use it instead of sugar or honey or any other sweetener. It works beautifully for that purpose.

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16 responses to “Almond milk dark chocolate peanut butter smoothie”

    1. yum and with dark chocolate 😉


  1. This sounds delicious, really delicious – so much more interesting than one’s average smoothie.


    1. thanks, it was really delicious. just 1 Tbsp. of that dark chocolate dream adds a lot of flavour to it and to any other smoothie you would use it with… but I don’t use it all the time because it can overpower the rest of the ingredients and I am not in a mood of peanut butter (or chocolate) flavour all the time!


  2. I love the idea of using a jar for the drink, especially with the mint leaves. Makes a perfect picture. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Mira. I always use glass jars. They are great to photograph, you’re right. Most of all it’s much easier to use those jars for me as my daughter’s hands are too big and she doesn’t stick them into the jar, what she would do in case of regular glass.


  3. I have never seen the recipe on how to make almond milk and my 19 year old daughter loves it! I will show her your post! She is not much into blogging but she will love this idea I know! I love the photographs as usual I never tire of them! I am a smoothie addict and I am a REAL MILK drinker but I will look into this as I love nuts too! I am so glad you linked up to “The Ole’ Saturday Homesteading Trading Post” this week as I know I cannot be the first one who hasn’t seen how to make almond milk yet! Have a great Saturday!


    1. The best way to make it is to strain through a really good strainer or a nut milk bag. If you don’t do it after a few minutes of keeping in the fridge it will separate but I don’t mind myself. I always shake it before use and it’s good to use.
      Some people flovour it with almond/vanilla extract, agave/maple syrup or honey.
      Maybe if I did that I would like to drink it itself but without it I find this milk very plain.
      I’m glad you found this post helpful. This is the best thing to get a comment like yours: I love helping and inspiring people 🙂


      1. Honey! Now your talking! I will definitely share with my daughter 🙂


    2. ah… and I forgot to mention that the same way you can make milk from any kind of nut you want!


      1. Even brazil nuts? I have a whole bag of those right now……..the possibilities….


        1. I think, those would work, too. Just need to peel them from that brown skin and soak overnight. The harderst the nuts the more soaking they should get.


  4. Yumm! great to see you on Craft Schooling Sunday, and thanks for sharing!


  5. […] Almond milk dark chocolate peanut butter smoothie […]


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