Maternity photo session from different perspective

Today I had a great time with a friend of mine who came to visit us from far far away. She is an amazing photographer so from the start we knew how we’re going to spend our time together – taking pictures, and we knew that the main point of focus is going to be me, my belly and my daughter.

On the other hand I knew that at some point I am going to take my camera out.

So while I was being photographed I was photographing as well: the photographer.

I couldn’t not to take some pictures of my daughter only, as well. She was incredible. Not only that she didn’t fuss at all for the entire 6 hours we were out but for the entire time she was posing and smiling and having such a great time.

I shouldn’t forget to end this post with delicious shots of our lunch I was preparing at 7 am this morning. Delicious sandwiches with swiss cheese and veggies with baked yesterday bread.

Imagine that… Me, who got so spoiled and gets up every morning at 10 am today ready on my feet at 7 am brewing coffee, making sandwiches and putting make up (!!!), but it was all worth it.


15 responses to “Maternity photo session from different perspective”

  1. It looks like you had so much fun! Love the atmosphere in your photos. And the sandwiches look yummy 🙂


  2. Wonderful series of photos — looks like you had too much fun 🙂 Great processing work, too!


  3. What a fun set of photos! What I wouldn’t do for that beautiful color of hair your daughter has! She is a adorable!


  4. stunning photos – gorgeous child – and I love the processing you have done for Texture Tuesday.


  5. Hello Ewa,
    Such an nice picture story! Your little girl is a real model, very cute:)
    Hope you are fine?!


  6. She is as cute as a button! You look like you’re doing so well with your pregnancy!


  7. Awwwwwwwwwww : ) How cute is your little girl. I am glad she rocked out her first photo shoot : ) Your lunch looks scrumptious!


  8. beautiful shots… and looks like a fun day


  9. what fun! fantastic pics and what a yummy sandwich 🙂


  10. she is so sweet, so many beautiful photos!
    I’d say you had a great time with your friend 🙂


  11. Hi Ewa

    Fotografie sa naprawde znakomite, masz talent!!! A corka, prawdziwa modelka 🙂
    Milo sie oglada Twoje prace 🙂


  12. What a special post. I so enjoyed all your photos and particularly you little girl. There’s such a sweet innocence about her. Thanks for sharing all your photos.


  13. […] Monday I had a photo-get-together with a friend of mine who came to visit us. Finally I had a reason to wear my boots. Since I bought […]


  14. Your daughter couldn’t be any cuter. It’s just impossible.
    I love these! You inspire me!
    And don’t be afraid of that crock pot. I saw your comment about your hesitation. I don’t want you to be afraid. It’s so easy. The only work is the chopping. You throw it all in and let it do its thing. You’ll be shocked at how much time it saves you. I promise. 😀


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