365 Self-Portrait Project (one week in Black and White)

Last week was pretty boring. Being in my final 8 weeks of pregnancy terrible headaches and nausea came back and there is nothing that can help me to deal with it. Gotta live it through. Today I’m feeling even more crappy that in the past few days, so I’ll try to be quick with this post.

To make it more interesting I’ve decided that all of this week pictures are going to be in black and white. An awful white balance had a big role in that decision, I have to admit (nop, I do not shoot in RAW, anymore). A few of this week pictures were taken with my 18-55 mm lens in a high ISO and sometimes they came out really dark. The problem is that on my camera screen they all look good and bright enough. After I transfer them to my computer the naked truth reveals – they are not a half that bright as they were on the camera screen. The thing is that I do not transfer my pictures every day. So if I took a picture on Saturday and saw that it’s much too dark and the white balance is totally screwed on Monday… You see my point. I can’t go back in time and take another, better picture for Saturday and Sunday. I need to go with what I have and pretend that I planned for it to be that way 😉


So on Saturday we had a doggy bath. She hates it what always amazes me to the limits. You need to know, that she used to be a hunting dog, and she would throw herself into a freezing cold water to bring a dead duck back to my husband. A few times I saw her jumping into a cold lakes playing fetch with us, but turn on the shower and call her name these days… you’ll see the most scared dog on this planet. I need to drag her through the entire house (from wherever she’s hiding) to the bathroom.

On the other hand turn on the shower and you’ll see our daughter taking her clothes off immediately. If me or my husband disappear in the bathroom without taking her with us, she cries. She loves baths!!! So last Saturday I had a bit of challenge trying to bath our dog while at the same time trying to not let my daughter inside the bathtub. She was already taking her clothes off and making her puppy eyes.


You might call it cheating, but I don’t think it was. This picture was taken on Sunday 1am… I can count it for Sunday self-portrait, right?! Checking on our daughter. She always go to bed with almost every single stuffed animal that she has and with 10 different books and with 3 blankets, plus a few of her favorite toys that play every single time you touch them… . They are everywhere and there is almost no room for her to lie down. She actually manges to sqeeze somehow between them and falls asleep. Every single night, before we go to bed, I need to make room for her in her crib so she can sleep through the night.

Quietly I take those toys out. One by one.


On Monday I tried a new bread recipe and it was delicious. Oatmeal Sandwich Bread – new family favorite. Next week I’ll try to post the recipe and a few pictures.

So, what you see here is me eating a slice of that bread with swiss cheese and a homemade jam. I grew up on those kinds of sandwiches.

Yellow cheese and jam!



Folding laundry. Not much to explain about those shots 🙂


Tired me, sick me, and in a crappy mood me. “Just leave me alone” me.


Yesterday was Fat Thursday so I baked angel wings. The problem was that every time I wanted to eat one my daughter wanted it, too. She got our dog attitude for begging for food. Even the smallest movement of my or my husband’s jaw doesn’t go unnoticed by our daughter, and when she sees it she is my or his best friend. I mean, really, just like a dog 😉 but the thing is that if you say: NO to our dog she understands and she takes it without much aggression (no aggression, actually). With our daughter is a different story. She doesn’t care about the word NO. It’s either her way or the highway.


A mirror on my bathroom shelf and me in it, tired… very!

Have a great weekend my friends. I’ll be preparing myself for a real maternity session with my talented and missed friend on Monday. She took beautiful pictures of my belly when I was pregnant for the firs time and after my daughter was born she visited us and we visited her... and oh I wish she lived closer… .

Anyway, today and through the weekend I’ll be praying to the Great Gods of Good Weather so we would be able do what we are planning to do and go where we are planning to go.

Photo Art Friday

24 responses to “365 Self-Portrait Project (one week in Black and White)”

  1. These are all very lovely pictures. I have a dog that acts exactly the same way when I turn on the bathwater for him. I can’t even imagine trying to keep a child out of the tub at the same time. Thanks for the post!


    1. Aren’t dogs a weird creatures!? 😉
      and yes, it was challenging to keep my Little One out of the tub, but at the end she was happy she could splash (or touch) the water from the shower head and she actually wasn’t really mad at me that I don’t want to let her inside 🙂


  2. Thank you for sharing they are photographs to cherish, great editing.


    1. Thank you so much for visiting and such a sweet comment!


  3. Very nice series. You’ve captured the everyday things in your life beautifully in these B/W photos. It’s so different seeing them in B/W but I do think it adds an entirely different perspective.


    1. I think that, too. It’s a little bit different to see that series in black and white. With a few pictures I wanted to post them with natural colors as they weren’t that bad but at the end I decided to stick to my B&W plan and I’m happy I did.


  4. Very interesting document of ‘a day in the life’ … hope you start to feel better soon. Thank you for sharing your images with Photo Art Friday!


    1. Thank you, Bonnie. I’ll feel better in about 3 months, hopefully! 🙂


  5. Very nice black and white photos, especially I like the last one.

    Regards and best wishes


    1. thank you! Since I started this project every Friday I try to write a post with my self-portraits from the past week and on Friday I’m always in a big rush to be done with my last selfie for that post. I know it’s not a good thing but sometimes it works great as I like to work underpressure. it makes me think more intesively about the subject.


  6. Oh I do love photography, I’m a total novice, but pictures can be so emotive. I love these B&W’s and the story behind each one. Hope you stop feeing so tired soon. X


    1. I’m glad you like those pictures. I always feel like a few of them need some explanation to go with. It makes it whole.


  7. I have to say the ‘tired me’ picture really does capture how you are feeling, despite it’s sad image it really is a stunning picture. Your eyes look amazing and it makes me want to wrap you up in a snuggy blanket and make you tea.



    1. awww. thank you! anybody who’s willing to wrap me in a blanket and make me a tea is more than welcome in our house 🙂


  8. Love all the self portraits, Ewa. You looked tired, but you also look beautiful. Thank you for walking us through the week with you and your beautiful family. Can’t wait to see what you girls come up with for Monday. Loved, loved, loved the first maternity photos! Hang in there, my friend…it’s almost baby time! ♥♥♥


    1. Thank you, Arline!!! I can’t wait for Monday, too. The weather looks promising and from this morning I started practising getting up early – Joanna will be here to pick us up at 8:30am and I don’t remember when was last time I got up before 9:30.lol Jay spoiled me as he takes care of our Stinker each morning until I get up (which is around 10am).
      and You’re right… baby is almost here and then I’ll be even more tired. Oh Motherhood!


  9. This is a great series (the self-portraits);
    I take self-portraits occasionally,
    and like many others, find them to be difficult.
    I have done several Projects365s and
    to do this with only self-portraits … wow.
    I will be following your blog … an inspiration.


    1. Deb, I really appreciate your comment. Comments like yours just push me to continue with this project. It’s been only a month an half but sometimes I feel like I’m getting really tired and uninspired… but then I read all those amazing and supporting comments and I’m back on track again. THANK YOU!


  10. Mimo tego co piszesz to zdjecia bardzo udane !!! Jak na koniec ciazy to wygladasz bardzo dobrze ! Dziekuje za pomysl z tabasco na wsciekle psy, ja pije z pieprzem i tez jest bardzo dobre !


    1. dzięki za miłe słowa 🙂
      Ja czasami też z pieprzem piłam, ale z tabasco to naprawdę jest świetne. jak spróbujesz to zobaczysz różnice!


  11. Beautiful photos. I love the black and white.


    1. thank you, Lesley. I prefere sepia but this time those pictures worked better in b&w!


  12. Made me laugh about the dog NOT wanting to get in the tub and trying to keep your daughter out of it! I love how she’s in the pictures. Sometimes a little out of focus or in the background. Adds a sweetness to the photo. 🙂


  13. […] 365 Self-Portrait Project (one week in Black and White) (momphotographer.wordpress.com) […]


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