How our dog gets her food…

It’s very simple.

There is a hierarchy in here.

First our daughter eats and IF there is something left our dog can have it.ย 

For a while our daughter was portioning the dog food to the dog.

It wasn’t like the dog was first to eat her food. First was our daughter and if she felt like sharing…oh well…doggy got lucky that day.

She doesn’t eat dog food anymore but it’s not because she doesn’t like it anymore, it’s because I don’t let her. She stinks like fish (or whatever flavor that dog food is) and it’s about time for her to learn what to eat and what not to (don’t you think?!), but mainly because I didn’t want our dog to starve to death AND the dog food is not that cheap to be buying it for two when one of them can live on rice. (wonder who… huh?) ๐Ÿ˜‰

These days our dog, if she wants an extra snack, she needs to be very focus. If she sees our daughter eating something she looks like she is planning to hunt it down… (the food, I mean). She gets into her comfy position from where she can keep an eye on our daughter and the food.

and she waits patiently. sometimes she falls asleep in meantime (LOL).

If she can, she gets closer and closer with every move.

and she watches… very carefully… every single move… .

… and boom (!!!), fast but not furious. Finally… our daughter dropped some!

but it’s not that bad as you might think, after all. Today, for examples, I cough our daughter sneaking food under the table so the dog could eat it from her hand… and everything while watching me if I see it. So sneaky…., not very good at it, yet… but trying. Funny.ย 

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