Me, Myself and I

Here I am: a full month of self-portraits behind me. At some point I feel overwhelmed knowing that it’s ONLY a month and there is 11 more to go. The last two weeks were really hard with almost no inspirations or energy to think about creative shots. Oh well I did it anyway and I’m proud of myself (so far).


February theme for {In The Picture} – self-portrait project hosted by Urban Muser is “write on” so this is one of my interpretations. 


At the park staring at the sky and watching my daughter and my husband having fun. 

because while I was being lazy pointing my big belly up to the sky my family was doing this:


It just happened unexpectedly: while I was holding the camera in my hand my Little One had a breakdown and she needed a hug really bad. Snap, snap and I was done with my self-portrait for the day. I like when it happens so easy.


Ok, that is a weird picture. I mean, it’s a weird me in this picture, especially that look. I think I was checking if my camera is working and while I was checking it snapped. ugh… 

And yes, I tried to take a few more without that look but they came out much worse so I had to go with this one, explaining to myself: it’s not THAT bad after all.


I finally used tripod and I don’t know why I don’t use it more often. It’s so much easier with it. It would be even easier if I had the remote, but so far I need to get creative with what I have.


It’s getting warmer and warmer every day, but my feet are still cold like ice so even in a warm sunny day I like to have my socks on.


There was no more editing to this photo than color adjustment only. It was taken on our patio while my daughter was messing around with some brums and pots and I was sitting on the bench holding a piece of a broken mirror in front of me. This is my favorite photo from this week collection.

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Have a great weekend, Everyone!

31 thoughts on “Me, Myself and I

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  1. Wonderful shots! Love the ‘write on’ and your socks with ‘toes’. Sweet to see your candid shots of self and kiddies. Thank you for sharing your work on Photo Art Friday!


  2. Well you’ve certainly done a fine job with your selfie’s. I still can’t seem to get decent ones (I take horrible pictures of myself) I like your Words and those fun colorful toe socks.


    1. I took this picture at the end of the day almost running out of my time (one self-portrait per day) and I thought I need to make something more interesting out of it than just “a hand”… I’m really glad that so many people like this photo!


    1. No, I’ve never heard about those shoes.As much as I like those socks I think I would hate the shoes but who knows. My husband always makes fun of me when I wear them and my daughter is so interested in them every time she sees them on my feet. I think because they are colorful and different.


  3. It doesn’t look bad at all. It made the photo even more interesting! 🙂 I too use tripod since I am the only one at home with the kids so when I take photos I need an extra hand or extra stand. hehehe… The Mr. Tripod! I have a pair of socks like this, but mine is stripe orange and it makes me giggle everytime I wear it. Even my little boy wants to wear it and we call it chicken feet. I don’t know why! It’s just so funny. hehehe..:) Take care of yourself and good luck and good birthing! 🙂

    Adin B


    1. My daughter loves those socks. She even’s wearing my pair right now. Those are not toe socks, though but she just loves my socks, the more interesing and colorful they are the more she wants to wear them 🙂
      And yes, tripod is a saviour in some moments.


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