Metal cans and plastic bags don’t have to end up in trash

I’ve been working on this one project for sometime now. I would’ve done it weeks ago but I lost my interest in crocheting for a while and in addition my scissors are so dull it’s really hard to use them so, many times I just would lose my patience and stop working. I need to get a new pair but there is always something more important to get… .


my first idea was to “dress” nice my metal cans. I wish I had more ideas to use them for because I throw away so many it makes me sad :/

The ones that I keep I like them to look nice, at least.

Few days ago using my old yarn scraps I made a can cover:


The next day I made different basket. I planned it to be a cover for my second can but when I got to a certain height I’ve noticed that it will work without the can inside πŸ™‚


I named this yarn “Charmin ultra Strong“. Not very creative considering that it was made from Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper plastic packaging (now you know what kind of toilet paper we Here is a great tutorial of how to make plarn – yarn made from plastic bags.

Now I need toΒ  finish my different plarn. This one will be called “The rest of it” as it’s made from all kinds of plastic small bags like the store-bought bread bag. When I started it we were still buying breads from the store. These days we don’t so to finish this plarn ball I’ve started using all kinds of bags.

old picture from my archives

I do not use the regular plastic bags that you get in the store to pack your groceries in (those I keep for a different plarn ball). I use every plastic package of already pre-packed in plastic produce that we buy at the store, like tortillas or diapers. My husband buys many things online for his office so every single thing that comes to us is packed in plastic bag. I keep those, as well. It’s fun and great for the environment and thanks to all of it I received a nick name: “miss recycling girl”.

For those who are interested this is the pattern I used for both of my projects:

free crochet basket pattern pdf file

Of course I modified it a little and if you’re interested in details just leave me a comment asking about it.

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19 thoughts on “Metal cans and plastic bags don’t have to end up in trash

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  1. Alez Ty masz super pomysly !!!! Brawo naprawde masz niesamowita wyobraznie ! Takich ludzi lubie :-)). Pozdrawiam serdecznie z Montrealu i przepraszam ze jestem malo obecna aktualnie ale wrocilam do pracy po 17 miesiacach macierzynskiego wiec stram sie to wszystko jakos pogodzic…Oczywiscie blog Twoj ciagle czytam tylko czesto gesto brak mi czasu na komentarze lub odpowiedzi u mnie. Tutaj mam na mysli te zupe pomidorowa: niestety nie mam wspanialego przepisu bylo to zrobione z soku pomidorowego V8 i troche wegety: bardzo duzo jest wiec w niej soli i innych skladnikow za ktorymi chyba nie przepadasz. Musze sie ze wstydem przyznac ze jestem okropna kucharka :-(.


    1. Magda, dzieki ze znalazlas czas na dzisiejszy miΕ‚y komentarz. Rozumiem to zamieszanie i zabieganie i brak czasu – nie ma za co przepraszac. Co do zupy to w sumie bardzo podobna do jednej ktora ostatnio robilam… tez na bazie V8. czasami nawet jako niepracujaca mama nie mam czasu (albo i ochoty) na gotowanie od samych podstaw… a V8 to wcale nie taki zly produkt.
      trzymaj sie dzielnie w tym calym zabieganiu i nie martw sie niekomentowaniem πŸ™‚


  2. FINALLY! Something I can use the plastic from the toilet paper rolls for. I’ve been struggling with this one FOREVER! I keep buying only the Scott single rolls with the tissue paper wrapping, but Matthew hates that toilet paper. He calls it all sorts of names, but I hate throwing away the plasic the other comes in. Now I can buy any toilet paper I want without guilt, learn to make these and give them away as gifts!! SO EXCITED!! Such a good idea!


    1. I’ve been working on this project for so long that I’m ashamed to admitt I haven’t done more! Now I blame my scissors, but actually I am lazy and don’t want to cut those bags into pieces. if I only had a better scissors it all would be different (yeah,
      Anyway, you can use this PLARN to make all kinds of stuff. It works with almost any pattern. Just look at all those things people make with it:

      I’m so inspired… I want to make it all… (just need new scissors) πŸ˜‰


      1. Oh honey, can’t you just sharpen those scissors? With a knife sharpener, maybe? I’ve never tried it myself, but I think your scissors get much more use than mine! I am inspired by that link. And by all your projects of course. So much to do!!


  3. Wow! This is an incredible post! This is an amazing way to recycle! I wish I was good at craft, I would have definitely tried these out πŸ™‚
    You are very creative, I love what you have done here.


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