Self-portrait 365 Project (part 3)

Small changes in my schedule.

So far I’ve posted my self-portraits on Sunday, but I changed my mind. First of all because I do not like to blog on weekends. In addition, in the past if I posted something on Sunday it was only for Ashley “Scavenger Hunt”. I’m am not every week participant in her link-up but if I do decide to do that I do not want to end up with two posts in one day.

The main reason I do this project is because I was inspired by Urban Muser’s project {in the picture}. Her link-up opens every last Friday of the month so from now on I’ll stick with Fridays to post my selfies. In meantime I do post a few selfies on my flickr as well.

My previous self-portraits:

1) 1-10/365ย 

2) 11-17 /365

Now lets move to this week shots:


My every hour or so routine: washing my face with cold water. It helps me with my hot flashes through the day.


Laundry day. Don’t have to explain much just that our laundry room is a great place to take pictures in. It’s not pretty not to mention very clean (with all the people using it) but the light inside is just beautiful. If I could move out all those driers and laundry machines it would be the perfect room for a photography studio!


My daughter didn’t want to cooperate with this shot. She thought we are playing and every time I have my camera near her she wants to touch it and play with it, so instead of sitting still she moves towards me. It’s really hard to take a sharp picture of any part of her body at this point, but I did it after 20 very blurry shots.


In my opinion this is the weirdest shot of me I’ve taken so far. I can’t explain it. I just look so different in it… and those eyes. Eyes on this picture are the main reason I’ve decided to use this photo.


When I saw this picture on my camera screen I planned to crop it so my daughter is not on it. When I saw it again on my computer screen I really liked it the way it was.

In The Picture

Right now I’m happy that I’m done shooting myself for today. It’s pretty warm outside so I probably should take my lazy pregnant butt (and the baby… and a dog) for a walk.

Hope everything is ok with you all. Have a great weekend. I can’t wait for my Sunday walk with a coffeeย (one cup per week) and a doughnut in our local “Happy-Doughnut” coffee shop ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

27 responses to “Self-portrait 365 Project (part 3)”

  1. Oh! I love the last one. With her little face looking at the camera and you looking away from it. Adorable.
    Well, wordpress is letting you “like” at least. I thought that was good and I should let you know! There’s hope yet!


    1. and it let me comment on my own
      btw, my daughter almost always need to jump in in front of the camera when she sees it. So many times I need to crop her out ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Oh my god, that’s so cute! I’m glad you didn’t crop her out of this one. TOO cute!


  2. Wonderful selfies. I really adore that last shot.


    1. thank you! the last shot is so called a “happy accident”! I love it as well!


  3. You have a very creative and wonderful set of self portraits!


    1. thank you so much! I hope that creativity will stay with me for the rest of this


  4. these are all beautiful shots. i am so glad you did not crop your baby girl out of that last one, it’s perfect. thanks for linking up today at {in the picture}!


    1. without her it would be totally different shot!


  5. These are all great shots. I love the last one of you with baby girl in it. I like it just the way it is! Great job!


  6. A beautiful collection. The last one with your daughter that you were going to crop out, is my favorite. I congratulate you on joining this {in the picture}photo group at what looks to be the end of your pregnancy…not a time when I felt very attractive, or photo-worthy, for sure.


    1. that’s why I feel like this is going to be a challege. First becasue as u said: I do not feel very photo-worthy… second, when the new baby comes I don’t know who I’m going to keep up with this project. so far I don’t think about that second part!!!


  7. LOVE all of these! LOVE… LOOOOOOVe… LOVE the last shot! Your daughter just makes the photo all the more perfect!


    1. THANK YOU and THANK YOU ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. I love all these shots of your day and the one of you and your daughter is lovely!


    1. I’m happy you liked them… it’s great to get such a good feedback. thank you!


  9. Great shots. Love the first one especially. And I love your left your daughter in that shot, beautiful.


  10. Oh wow…that last shot is brilliant! So glad you decided to leave your daughter in there. Kind of a sneak peak into how her life is going to change too.



    1. in a few months there will be more than one baby in those pictures. we are going to get crowded here ๐Ÿ˜‰


  11. i love them all… especially that last shot. nice way to start this project off!


  12. You are so creative! Love your shots!


  13. Some really innovative shots!!


  14. […] Self-portrait 365 Project (part 3) ( […]


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