My twist on 365 Project

At the beginning of this year I joined a self-portrait project hosted by Urban Muser – “In the Picture”. To make my life more complicated (because it’s actually not that complicated, anymore) and harder, I’ve decided that my number of self-portraits is 365.

I’ll be posting my pictures once a week, on Sunday.

This blog actually started because of 365 project. The project didn’t last long but I still blog so I succeed at some point. Right?

Today I’ve got more than 7 pictures because I didn’t post anything last Sunday. I just wasn’t sure if I really should do that. I’m still not sure. It’s easy now, but I know it’s not going to be in a few months after our second Little One appears and I’ll be tired and tired and even more tired and the last thing I’m going to think of is taking self-portraits. Until, I’ll try to stick to my plan and not to think about excuses.

Lets start then:











I actually have no idea how I’m going to come up with 365 photos of myself. I barely started it and I’m already complaining. Bear with me, though 🙂

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

37 thoughts on “My twist on 365 Project

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  1. Zdjecia genialne !!! Trzeba kontunuowac !!! A pomysl ile bedzie wspominania pozniej ! Ja tez wlasnie sie zastanawiam nad takim projektem ale poniewaz zaczelam pracowac to sama nie wiem czy bede miala czas na publikacje…ale zdjecia trzeba robic !! Nie wiem czy u Ciebie tez tak jest ale ja z dziecinstwa to mam tylko garstke zdjec…nie to co moje chlopaki :-)).


    1. dzięki za wsparcie już na samym początku, Magda. To jest potrzebne, bo zaczynam myśleć, czy to aby na pewno był dobry pomysł.
      Wiesz, ja z dzieciństwa to mam może z 10 zdjęć, które na dodatek są okropnej jakości. Jak będę w Polsce następnym razem to będę musiała je zeskanować i gdzieś na płytę nagrać aby ich nie stracić, bo to jedyne co mam.
      Ze szkoły podstawowej to mam tylko te “szkolne” zdjęcia które robiliśmy raz do roku. Dopiero z collegu mam więcej bo wtedy już zaczęłam się interesować fotografią i pstrykałam z koleżanką, ale rzadko siebie.
      Masz rację… trzeba robić zdjęcia! Kiedyś będziemy stare i nie będziemy miały nic aby powspominać naszą młodość!


  2. Ah, but the pay-off isn’t
    meant to be immediate : )
    Someday ~ BELIEVE ME ~
    you will be so pleased with
    your efforts and the moments
    that you captured. Wish that
    I had. I barely have ANY photos
    of me, preggers. I wasn’t
    into photography, then, and was
    always busy busy busy.

    Thanks for linking up to MM!

    xx Suzanne


  3. Excellent! My favorite blogs are the ones where I get to see the author. So many of them refuse to show who they are. And I think….why? What’s the big secret? The ones that show the author are so much more interesting and I feel like I know the person, you know? I like how you’re creative with the shots too. I loved the ones from last year you did toward the end of Dec./early Jan where you summed up the year.


    1. I wasn’t big on self-portraits or on people taking pictures of me a few years ago. It’s changed last year. It just came to me that there is nothing wrong with having pictures of myself for the future to cherish and look at when I’m old and ugly (lol). When I look back I have almost no pictures from my teenage years and just a few from college.It’s so sad.Now I’m catching up 🙂
      And I agree with you that there is not point of having a public blog but hiding yourself (the image) from the people that read it.


  4. P.S. Thank you for being so AMAZING. I really liked the comment you left on my blog about your mom wrapping your lunches in newspaper. So brilliant. I read it to my husband last night and it gave us much comfort and encouragement.
    Our generation…..we’re going to change the world.


  5. I hope you keep going with it. Someday you will look back and have wonderful memories and you will be able to show your little, as yet, unborn child where he/she came from. I think it will be a wonderful memory book.
    I’m over from our sweet Suzanne’s Privet and Holly.


  6. Hi there-what an undertaking! I have a very hard time with getting in front of the camera. I am finishing up my 365 and have started a p52 (one photo per week) and the theme this week is a self portrait. My mom never wanted to be in photos as we were growing up and we wish that we had photos of her! I gotta “just do it”…you are inspiring me!


    1. congrats on your 365 project!
      I was the same way. I never wanted to be in front of the camer. NEVER. Now I’m lacking pictures from my previous years and I regret that. I still am not very confident while taking self-portraits and it takes many shots to get “the perfect one” that I am happy with.
      You should do it, you could strart from one selfie per month… .


  7. Wow! I admire that you are doing 365 self portraits! That’s awesome especially as you’re about to have a baby. I love the one of your reflectioin in the knife. And the last one if just perfect. Thank you so much for linking up! I hope you’ll link up again on Tuesday.


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  9. All very lovely photos! You look relaxed and they are all very creative. I hope I can get to that point someday. I especially like the top two photos!


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