Iced Inka & Milk Drink

I don’t know if that happened to you, but it happened to me twice.

First time when I got coffee maker. Before, I used to drink a la Turkish coffee and I was just fine. I was saying that I actually don’t need a coffee maker. After I got it I though: how could I lived for soooo long without it?!

The same happened this year. I feel like I’m happy with what I have, speaking about my kitchen tools. I mean, I need this or that, but at the end I always can go around and find a substitute if I’m missing one or two things (like, for example cookie cutter). I think everybody does that.

Till now, when (which these days means “every day”) I wanted a smoothie I would use my blender. This poor thing blends and chops almost anything for me.


Now I have “frozen treat & drink maker”. To not to sound like I’m writing a review for which I got paid (I didn’t) I will just say it’s called Ninja and I love it. I don’t know how I could lived without a mixer like that for so many years 😉

A few days ago when I made a smoothie it actually looked and tasted like ice cram. Gosh… so good!

Today for breakfast, I fixed myself something I call “Iced Inka Milk Drink”… with whipped cream and chocolate on top(!!!!). That’s right – for breakfast.

What’s Inka?

This is Inka:

old picture from my archives

Simply it tastes like coffee. Not quite the same but very similar.

Iced Inka Milk Drink:

Ice cubes of milk and inka (equal amount of each). I used 12 small cubes of each.

Blend it together adding a little bit of not frozen milk.

Topped with whipped cream and shredded chocolate.

And the whole world just stopped turning for a few minutes.

Me, my breakfast and an interesting email… .

…and if you remember me talking about my daughter sleeping with almost all her teddy bears (toys) and books – here is the evidence:


22 responses to “Iced Inka & Milk Drink”

  1. No tak, bez Inki można żyć. Tylko po co? 😉
    Narobiłaś mi ochoty, chyba sobie też takie zmiksuję.


    1. dodaj sobie trochę miodu… niebo w gębie!!!


  2. That sounds like a yummy drink…and your sweet daughter is so so cute!

    I am stopping by from Marco Friday, I would love to have you stop by and check out my post as well.


  3. So interesting! I’ve learned so much about Polish food over the holidays. Mostly because now I know you and everything Polish seems to jump out at me! This looks so yummy!!


    1. it’s actually a iced frozen coffee and milk drink. that inka tastes like coffee but it doesn’t have the caffeine and it’s much better than the decaf coffee which I really don’t like!


      1. Well, I’m going to have to try that because (I’m trying to get pregnant) and so have switched over to decaf. I don’t like it either! Maybe I can find it on line?


        1. Oh wow! Didn’t know you’re trying. In that case: Good luck to you!!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
          As for INKA – try here:

          or here:

          You migh also look for European (Russian) Deli near you. Sometimes they have it, too!


  4. Yummy, that looks great!


  5. […] Iced Inka and Milk Drink by Momphotographer […]


  6. Looks and sound delicious. I’ll have to check to see if I can find this in any of the stores around me so I can try it.


    1. check online. it should be on amazon.


  7. Oh heavens that looks delicious!


  8. it sounds like the Ovaltine drink i used to shake for my kids, a malted cereal drink, nourishing and fun, for all. i like the dark chocolate shavings on top, mmm.
    in france we had Banania, those are healthy..
    thanks for steering me to this post…ps, i wanna be your kid! next life.


    1. it’s pretty hard to get Inka here in US. They sell it online but you must buy it in a large amounts. In a family like mine it isn’t used very fast so I only buy it in local European stores (if they have it what doesn’t happen very often). It’s really delicious with milk. When I have it I prefere it over coffee (and I love coffee). In Poland Inka was something we had at the house all the time.
      Nadine, I hope my kid(s) will tell me someday that it’s great to be my kid, but if you said so it looks like I’m doing something right 🙂 thank you.


      1. I just found Inka at my local PCC store (Seattle area). Yay! 😀


  9. You can find it all the time at Whole Foods. That’s where I purchase mine from. 🙂


    1. I haven’t seen it in WF near us 😦


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  11. Ooooh this looks so delicious, Ewa! Can’t to try them. Thank you for the recipe and the coffee. You are too kind ❤


    1. Maureen, I bet you can substitute the regular milk with any kind of milk (rice, almond, oat), and it will taste equally delicious.
      I’m glad I was able to make you happy!!! You deserve it!!!


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