At least I’ve got my smoothie!


Aren’t you happy that Christmas is over?! I am! Now I can’t wait till those stupid Christmas commercials on tv are over with as well.

Most of my Christmas time I was too exhausted to enjoy it, and not very happy with what was going on around me. At the end I welcomed Tuesday with such a big relieve. At least we had a great weather on Christmas Day and we spent our morning in a park testing new playing tools.

As for Christmas without gifts we ended up with bunch of stuff, mostly our daughter’s, I’m tired of cleaning and picking up off. Yep, I’m grumpy like that. I’m really happy she likes every single piece of what she got, but the best thing she got (in my opinion) is a big teddy bear. In this case there is almost no space left in her crib for her to sleep on. Everything is covered with teddy bears, and books. One more thing and she will have to sleep outside.

... and that's only a small part of what she always goes to bed with...

We ended up with a tent even!!! I was hoping she wouldn’t like it and I will have a reason to pack it up and store it in our garage. I was wrong. Not only she loves but our dog as well. Example!? She slept all night in this tent – the dog not our daughter. Our daughter was about to do the same, but I wouldn’t let her.

Those few toys make the least mess. They take space but nothing more. I can live with them around. After our in-laws left I pack most of new toys and and hid it – for further use, of course (mhm!). We both got tired of walking around our home like it’s a minefield. I left her a few things to play with and even with those few every morning I go through a heartbreak when I see our living room… .  I’m just weird like that. You would think that after almost 2 years with a kid in the house I finally got used to to living around toy mess.  But the truth is different… .

At least I’ve got my smoothie!!!

frozen strawberry and pineapple smoothie with a hint of honey!!!
frozen strawberry and pineapple smoothie with a hint of honey!!!

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17 thoughts on “At least I’ve got my smoothie!

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    1. When I first saw it I thought I’m gonna have a heart attack. They knew how small place we live in. It was kind of silly to get her that tent. At the end I have a blast watching her playing inside and really enjoying it. It takes some space but… well… I can live with it 🙂


  1. How adorable they both are! That’s a springer spaniel right? We have a thing for Springers in my family and my son has one now who has stolen all our hearts. And, yet, I’m glad Christmas is over. 🙂


  2. Such fun pics! This was the first year that Christmas didn’t totally wear me out. Maybe it’s because my boys are getting older and more self sufficient!


  3. She couldn’t get any cuter. It’s impossible! My favorite one is her stepping off the sidewalk with her pail. She’s so busy! I’m glad the holidays are over for you. Me too, girl! If you only knew. (Whew!) Back into normal routine again!


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