If you’re sick bake a cake… Cranberry Walnuts Coffee Cake

So… In the period of the last few days I’ve peeked at this cake (and this) several times. Those are actually the same cakes with the same recipe but called different. Anyway, first of all I was too sick to do anything around the house, especially to cook or bake. So I was just looking and drooling and thinking how good it would’ve tasted if I had it in front of me. I had a bag of fresh cranberries talking to me from the fridge every time I would open it: “bake that cake”, “bake that darn cake”… .

Finally yesterday I got extremely bored and sick of being sick and doing nothing. I asked my husband if he would want to try this cranberry almond coffee cake and he said that he doesn’t like cakes with coffee. I said there is no coffee in it but his answer got me thinking, though. I looked at the recipe one more time just to be sure if it really doesn’t have any coffee. NOP.

So, Why is it called coffee cake then?!

Of course I googled it. The answer for obvious: “because it goes well with coffee”. I’m not kidding. Here it’s explained better: wiki.answers.

My husband was really satisfied with that answer. He said that sure, if there is no coffee and looking at those ingredients he may even like it. Woooo…. 😉

Coughing and trying not to loose my lungs I pulled myself together and fixed it really fast. I did not have almonds nor almond extract. Instead I used walnuts and vanilla extract. It turned out delicious!!! After it was done I’ve noticed my husband sneaking to the kitchen and snacking on it all the time.

It’s tart and sweet at the same time with a little bit of crunch that we got from those walnuts. It’s seems to be the perfect combo for a cake.

Today it’s almost gone. 

Even our daughter tried it with a little help of the dog which got so spoiled lately that she will take your food right out of your plate or hand if you don’t watch her. She wasn’t like that before. We still love her, though 😉 If you look closely you’ll see that our daughter doesn’t look very healthy as well. Red eyes, red chicks. Today she has 100.6 F temperature.

Poor Little Thing. Yesterday she was just laying on the sofa cuddling me or her teddy bear and watching Next Iron Chef… which sucked sooooo bad, btw. I mean the show was great but the end was terrible!!! Can’t believe Zakarian is the Next Iron Chef!!!

Even sick she still has her funny and playful attitude. She smiles a lot, laughs and makes funny faces when I point my camera at her. That’s my girl!

Actually, this cake didn’t take my sickness away but it improved my mood a lot… . Now not only I suffer a terrible cough but heartburn as well. It’s worth it, though.

If you’re interested in the recipe, go here.

PhotobucketFresh from the Farm Recipe Swap with Farmchick

18 responses to “If you’re sick bake a cake… Cranberry Walnuts Coffee Cake”

  1. I hope you feel better soon!


    1. Thank you, Christina. I feel much better than yesterday and way better than a few days ago. Now I need to get well before Christmas… .


  2. This looks delicious! Hope you feel better!


  3. Your cake looks lovely, and sounds delicious. It’s lovely and seasonal with the cranberries. I hope you are all feeling much better very soon! Thank you for sharing this post with the Hearth and Soul hop.


    1. Thank you! I was thinking about waiting a few days and make it for Christmas but I couldn’t. Today it’s all gone and my husband is asking me over and over again when I’m gonna bake coffee cake?! So it looks like I’m gonna bake that cake for Christmas anyway 🙂


  4. I can’t believe how good some of these recipes are on this exchange. Here’s another that I want to make. Thanks for sharing. (and hope you’re feeling better).


    1. thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your comment. Hope you’ll like that cake.


  5. That looks delicious! Love the puppy hoping for at least a little bite! lol Hope both of you are feeling better soon! I would always ask my mom why it was called coffee cake if there was no coffee in it too. 🙂


    1. thank you! now my husband is asking me all the time: when are u going to bake COFFEE cake?! When!?. Our puppy is always begging for food or stealing it from the baby. I know I shouldn’t let her, but it’s so cute 🙂


  6. I love cranberry in my baked dishes, this one looks delicious. Thanks for sharing with Hearth and soul blog hop.


    1. I had never baked with cranberries before. I was kind of curious about using them fresh… it turned out they are great for baking. Now we are hooked.


  7. I love coffee cake! And I love coffee too…so it’s a win-win :). Hope you are feeling better! Take care.



  8. O Boze, chyba przytylam 2kg po przeczytaniu i patrzeniu sie na cudowne zdjecie ! Ciasto wyglada super ! A coreczka to sama rewelacja !!!


    1. A dziękuje za słowa o zdjęciach i córeczce! A ciacho rzeczywiście przepyszne!!!


  9. Get better soon! The cake sounds like it should be called the “Feel better cake.” It put everyone in a happy mood.


    1. it’s definitely a keeper… . and yes, you’re right “feel better cake” is a great name for it!


  10. Lovely cake and I am glad it does magic, making people feel better.


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