My first Homemade Chicken Egg Rolls

I am really happy with the step forward that we’ve made with “home eating”. I talk mostly about my husband eating/trying to eat and me having the courage to try something new without being scared or having that attitude: “if he doesn’t like it, I’ll be really pissed“. My ideas not always turn out successful and he not always likes it, but I am happy that we’re expanding the “(baked/friend) chicken-potatoes-chili-pasta-tortilla lasagna circle – dish by dish.

Last dish out of our comfort zone was Egg Rolls. I really like them (but never had made them myself before), my husband doesn’t, so before I made them we’d talked about the ingredients for stuffing that he would be willing to try.

He approved celery, carrot, green beans, garlic, even CABBAGE 🙂 (WOW!!!) …

…and chicken marinated in soy sauce and minced garlic!

I fried the chicken (one chicken breast) with green beans (about one cup) and celery. In separate pan I sauté shredded carrot and chopped cabbage – just for a few minutes. After the meat was cooked and the veggies a little soft (not too soft) I transfer the content of each pan to a strainer and squeezed the liquids out. After that I mixed it all together in one bowl…

…stuffed my rolls…

…fried them…

… and ate 4 of them !!! oh… that was good!!!

Husband had 3 and he said he would eat it again. I hope he was serious because I’m going to make them again, that’s for sure! I had no idea that they are so easy to make. Next time I’ll make a few without the chicken and without really sautéing cabbage. I think they would be great with stuffing à la Polish “krokiety“. I am not sure if I want to make my husband to go through the suffer of having to be around sauerkraut “scent” but sometimes my cravings are bigger than my good will, so we’ll see what I decide to make next… .

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12 thoughts on “My first Homemade Chicken Egg Rolls

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    1. they were super yummy, Arline.
      Before I made them I didn’t know where to buy those egg rolls wrapers, as I read online people have problem to get them, but they were in my grocery store the first time I looked for them. I thought I’ll have to go to a Chinese market that we have near by, but that would be a dissaster for me, as I can’t go there (now when I’m pregnant) because the smell that’s inside would make me REALLY
      Anyway, it was super easy to make them as well as super easy to find those wrapers… You should give it a try. It’s worth it!


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