“nineninenine” and a few more words…

Our daughter has gotten very expressive lately. She knows more words which she doesn’t want to say sometimes…, especially when I try to make her to say it… . Almost everything it “baba” for her. She points at things and says: “baba” or “mama” what I try to explain to her so hard that our dog or those women and gentleman on tv are not “mama”s.

It’s fun to observe how she learns and tries to understand things. Sometimes it seems like she REALLY wants to talk to us. She tries so hard. She can spent a minute or two just sitting, looking at us and imitating speech. It goes like that: “buah… blah… apuuuahh… puuuhuu…bluuuaaa…” and it goes on and on… . Now imagine the gesticulation that goes with her “words”. She tries to copy us so hard that it’s the most funny thing I’ve ever seen. So many times I’ve seen her doing it in front of our doggy ๐Ÿ™‚ and the dog just sits there and pretends she understands… . Sometimes it reminds me of my husband’s talking to me and me looking at him with “that look” which says: “yeah… mhm… ooo?… mhm… that’s interesting… yeeaaahhh…” (and so on). It looks like in a few years my husband is going to have somebody who’s actually willing to discuss things and who isn’t only nodding, “oh”, “ah” and “yeah” -ing while he’s talking. I and the dog will remain moderate silent.

Anyway, 18 months old and she’s already showing off her little character and sense of humor. I mean, I hope she’s kidding about that tax plan… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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