Butterflies and a dragon

A few days ago I went inside to check on my basil. I do it almost every day. I’m so proud of my basil and I’m happy that I figured out what’s wrong with it and how to fix it.

When I was outside I saw a few butterflies wandering around. They weren’t scared of me and it seemed like they are going to be around for a while. Having that opportunity I went inside to take my camera. When I came back they were still flying around.

The same day we went shopping for Halloween costume for our Little One. We had costume for her last year and as much as I don’t like that holiday I really enjoyed it last year. Maybe because our daughter was super cute and it was hard not to enjoy taking all those pictures. There is one thing I am sure off: one or maybe two more years I’ll be going with her and dad for “trick or treat” after that I’m done. I’m really not into that. Maybe because of the culture I grew up. Maybe because I am not used to it. Maybe because in Poland it’s actually a sad day where people remembering all those who died, go to churches, cemeteries, light candles, pray… etc. There is nothing funny and commercial about that holiday back there.

I know that during those last few years “Halloween culture” got to Poland, too. I don’t know if kids go to Halloween parties. I bet they don’t go “trick or treating”, yet… but it’s a matter of time… I would say 😦 (I’m not very happy about that)

Anyway… this year our Little One is going to be a Dragon 🙂 Costume looks really cute. Since we bought it she really likes to wear the hat inside the house.

Happy Monday, everybody! Hope you doing/making something enjoyable today just to start week with a good mood. (instead of doing my laundry and cleaning) I just baked an apple pie and spent the entire morning talking with my parents on skype . Hadn’t done that for almost a month. 

9 responses to “Butterflies and a dragon”

  1. WOW- that is so cool how you were able to get so many captures without scaring them away!


  2. Nice captures of the butterfly. Cool growing your own basil.
    Love the Halloween costume hat for your daughter. I never knew that about Polish culture. That’s a reason I enjoy blogs- learning!


  3. Really like the butterflies. Beautiful processing.


  4. Your photographs are just lovely and your little dragon is very cute.

    So nice to “meet’ you and thank you so much for linking up at my blog today! 🙂


  5. Wonderful light and details in these photos.

    Happy MM


  6. nice shots! thanks for stopping by 🙂


  7. Piekne zdjecia ale najbardziej podoba mi sie to ostanie ;-). U nas tez bedzie jeden maly smok wawelski (tylko fioletowy) a starszy chce byc Green Latern…


  8. I love the hat! Brilliant. Well, Halloween is the day before All Souls Day so we just celebrate each holiday. But I can understand. I didn’t grow up with All Souls Day like it is in Poland since it was just my parents and our local Polish church doing it and people thinking we were weird but it was still special. Does it sound weird that I would love to be in Poland for that day? To once, just once, go and visit my family’s graves and tend them and light candles and mourn over them? Just once in my life?


    1. I hope you will do it someday. It would be such an amazing experience for you and your family. my dad used to take us to the cemetries right after sunset so we were driving around watching HUGE glow above those places. There is thousands and thousadns of candles light up that day so you can see the glow from far far away and when you go inside it’s like another world. just beautiful. so touching!


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