An ordinary Thursday

Since our Little One doesn’t like milk anymore that photo is not a picture of her food. It’s my breakfast. She gets only dry cheerios. She likes it that way. These days she takes a sip or two of milk (like yesterday) but only because she sees me drinking it and she always wants what we’re eating. In the past when she begged for food I used to give her a piece of lemon or grapefruit. She would eat that  because she thought I’m eating that, too. You should’ve seen her face when she was eating it… .

That’s my lunch. Open face sandwiches baked for 10 minutes in the oven 🙂 Yumm! Lately I do eat a lot of bread with tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, chives and a little bit of salt. Of course with butter on the bottom! I eat that for breakfast (not today) lunch and dinner. No cheese. Only yesterday I had that little craving for extra melted cheese and crunchy bread… .

Ah… and this is what’s going on in between breakfasts and lunches… actually the entire day. I chase off my daughter from in front of my computer. It’s just a second I don’t watch and she is on it. Banging on the keyboard pretending she’s typing like mom.

I checked on my basil today. It’s doing great. I make fun of myself that I’m going to have a great basil next year (I planted it in April this year!!!). For several months it wasn’t growing at all. It got to a few inches big and just stopped. It didn’t die. It didn’t do nothing. It just was. Finally I encouraged my lazy brain to start looking for some answers WHY?

I found it. I packed like 15 basils to one pot. It stopped growing because its roots couldn’t grow more in that ass small pot. I repotted it and now every few days I see new leafs.

Our tomatoes are doing great too.

As usual when our Miss “I want everything” saw them she wanted one. So I gave it to her knowing how it’s going to end.

As you can see she chewed on it and it didn’t taste good, I guess, so mom got it back with loud “NIE” what means NO.  Oh well at least she likes tomato sauce.

We’ve got a new grapefruit, as well.

While I was busy taking pictures she was getting more and more dirty.


Moving stones looked pretty entertaining and very absorbing.

In between she came up with a recipe for a beautiful skin scrub. Very simple. You take a bunch of dirt. Crush is in your hands. Just like that:

Apply. Easy peasy 🙂

Thanks god it didn’t rain yesterday! 🙂

and then, she {snapped}Give me your best shot at Better in BulkPhotoStory Friday

10 thoughts on “An ordinary Thursday

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  1. You will see, she ends up as a model starting that early with skin care and all :o) Przypomina mi jak to mama na mnie krzyczała, bo nigdy nie byłam tak czysta i schludna jak by rodzice woleli. Zawsze jakaś inna dziewczynka była bardziej czysta i zadbana, oj nasłuchałam się tego.. :p 😀


  2. Co mi przypomina że zawsze zapominam, WordPress nie uznaje niektórych emotikonów, a inne tłumaczy tylko na pół, a potem jest pomieszanie z poplątaniem 😦

    Wypróbuję to tutaj najlepiej, wszystkie naraz:
    1. smutek 😦 😦
    2. śmiech 🙂 🙂 😀 😀
    3. clown :o) :O)
    4. zastanawianie się :-/ :/
    5. pokazywanie języka (gniew albo “bardzo smaczne”) :-p 😛 :p

    … 😀 przepraszam za te testy… szkoda że WordPress nie ma tych tabliczek z wyborem emotikonów tak jak dawniej, albo funkcji “obejrzyj komentarz” zanim się opublikuje


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