Good to WOW

You can see original pictures in this post.

To edit those pictures I used Lightroom and a few new free presets. I’m really sorry for that but I don’t remember what presets I used on echa photo.

I downloaded them from here

and from here.

I do not only used presets but in addition I adjusted contrast, brightness and saturation.

I am sure that preset for this one belowe was called “Holga Queen”

and this one “Holga B&W”

I actually am not happy with this one, but I used it anyway, just for the example.

I really like those following two tured out! I think that those are “Holga” something, as well.

4 responses to “Good to WOW”

  1. These are nice – I really like the look of the lake…beautiful.


  2. That lake one is my favourite. Thanks for the links to the presets – I’ve bookmarked that site to have a good look around later.


  3. Looks like fun with presets! I find that last one strangely intriguing and the lake is gorgeous!


  4. What fun- I just love that hat! I really love the texture you added- gives it a great feeling.


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