No longer long

Today is a big day. I am going to cut my hair. There is still time to change my mind, so don’t be surprised if tomorrow nothing is changed on my head 😉

I haven’t had hair that long since I was a little girl. My mom used to keep them short because I always cried when she was brushing them.  Yes, she used to cut my hair until I was about 16 – than I had my first hair cut in a salon. She wasn’t very sensitive person. She always pulled them so hard that I couldn’t stand it and I cried. After a few years of having short hair I got used to it, and I started to like it. In College I was changing my hair like socks. Always new color or new hair cut. I was always up to some changes. Always.

These days I am moaning and huffing and puffing when I have to change it. I think and I think and I think and, at the end I don’t do it. So many times I decided to go and cut my hair and I didn’t.

I actually don’t know what my problem is. Maybe it’s just that I am getting older, and softer but mostly because these days I have a husband who doesn’t want me to cut my hair… Who’s moaning and huffing and puffing when I say: I want to change my hair style.

So, actually those are not mine moans and huffs and puffs I hear. Uff… Feeling better already 😉 At least I am not

Anyway, yesterday I took a few shots of myself with my still long hair.

Will see how I look tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed !

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  1. Very pretty hair! I think it will look great either way. Sometimes, change is good. Funny though, my husband likes mine better short but I’m such a “gotta be able to pull it back” kinda gal that I like it a little longer. Can’t wait to find out what you did!


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