I am a hypocrite!

I like Kate Hansen. I like her art, I like the message she gives to the World through it. I wasn’t sure about what she posted on her facebook wall yesterday, though. I had very different feeling about that article, and the subject of that article.

Now when I got all the comments about this post (on Kate’s facebook wall) as well as about my comment under the link she posted, I think, I should have kept my mouth shut. I am not very good at discussing things, especially in English. I always feel like people misunderstand me because of the simple (I think sometimes too simple considering the topic) vocabulary I use. Anyway I read that article and I left a comment about what I think about it. The next day I woke up to read a comment in which one person called me  “a hypocrite”.


Simply because I said that if you a mother who post a picture of your naked child on internet you simply expose him/her to a pedophiles. If you’re smart enough you know that I wasn’t saying that you literally expose you child. I was talking about the image of you child. Anyway, I said that and because my facebook profile picture looks like this one below, I was called a hypocrite!

First of all, I didn’t saying ANYTHING about HOW WRONG posting those kind of pictures IS (and at the same time having done it myself).

Second of all, I said that you don’t have to be a porn star with a child to do so. I think that being at the park with you child is dangerous theses days, because you do not know who that guy/gal sitting on the bench, and watching you is (and what’s in their mind). You do not have to be a part of a kinky exhibition where people drink milkshakes made from breast milk to expose your child a pedophiles!

We do really expose the IMAGES of our children to the World, full of crazy, kinky, and pervert people! Doing so, we do not have the power of controlling who looks at them, and how they are used later on. No matter what you think!

I am aware of that, at least!

That person who called me a hypocrite didn’t even notice (as well as Kate) that at this point I wasn’t criticizing that porn star for bringing her child to this exhibition and making it a part of it. I actually stood at the opposite side. And I thought I have problems with understanding English.

I know that many people won’t agree with what I said about Madison Young. I shouldn’t judge her for how she makes her money. I shouldn’t say she is incapable to be loving and sensitive. At this point my dislike of “her kind” of people reached a breaking point. Yes. I admit that. Yes, I am anti-pornography gal, and I am not sorry to say that if you get f***** a few times a day with a different guy (most of the time), in a public (or while being watched by bunch of people) and than posting it to be available online, you probably are the LAST PERSON TO EDUCATE ME in any section of my life, especially in showing me the sensuality of women being!

So, for all of you interested in this conversation those are the snapshots of it:

Simple BPM

8 responses to “I am a hypocrite!”

  1. thanks for linking up!


  2. Well, I agree with you. First, I don’t find any interest in anything a porn star says. Anything. I don’t care if they talk about STD protection even. I mean, ewwwwww. Yes, I am anti porn as well.

    And posting a pic of a baby without clothing exposes their image to the world, which included pedophiles. It’s why I don’t post any pics at all of my kids. I’m public in real life, breatfed in public, etc. But pics of my kids on my blog? Personal decision I choose not to do. I even use code names for the kids on my private fb and don’t say their birthdays on there, nothing! Overprotective? Yes, I am.

    But you can choose to post whatever pics you want. You just have to remember that the pics, as you said, can reach who knows who.

    And I don’t think a woman should do any artwork where she aims to look hot while breastfeeding. That, to me is COUNTERproductive to raising awareness and acceptance of breastfeeding. It reinforces the idea that breastfeeding is sexual and therefore dirty and something to be ashamed of.

    Hell, to get more into that discussion, there are pornos ABOUT breastfeeding women! I mean, specifically, and it gets all graphic and just. No. Nasty.

    Breastfeeding is natural and the miracle of woman. Not porno slut artwork.

    And you can’t call yourself a feminist while taking it up the — from one guy and giving a ——— to another. AND it being able to be seen by others?! No, sorry, not a feminist.

    So, Ewa, I support you. I knew what you were saying. Your English isn’t so bad. Those women are just filled with adrenaline and not sure who is saying what at this point. Or what they are saying, either.


  3. Honey, the way you worded this it sounds like you are saying I called you a hypocrite, and I never did. I don’t agree with you about child nudity, but I respect your opinion, and appreciated having it on my page. You might notice too that I defended you by asking people to speak respectfully. I feel that you’re painting me in a bad light here.


    1. kate, I didn’t say you called me that. that’s why I posted that entire discussion in here. People can see who said what! and It wasn’t my intention to talk about you in a bad way. You were only the person who posted that link… .


  4. Oh girl- people read what they want to read when there is an argument going on. They nitpick words and assume meanings. I’m sorry you had to be dragged into that.


    1. it was exactly that: an assumption. thanks for your kind words 🙂


  5. I can only imagine how frustrating it is to try and have a conversation when you feel you cannot fully express yourself. Such a tough thing I don’t often think about.


    1. it’s rather hard. especially when I really want to bring a point across and somebody is sarcastic about my English. than I wonder in how many languages that person can talk, write, and read… but still it’s pretty depressing sometimes. I am not a high-school age girl who doesn’t actually care what she says, or how she says it. I want to be understood in the way I mean it, the way I think about it in Polish. I wish peple were more understanding sometimes!


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